How the latest sexual harassment allegations helped me recognise my own gaslighting

Sexual harassment seems to be a hot topic these days. Allegations of sexual misconduct have been brought out against Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore and Louis CK, to name a few, and here in the UK we have seen our own spate of sexual harassment claims against members of parliament. As a consequence, Twitter has exploded with women coming forward to tell their own – often harrowing – tales of sexual harassment, particularly under the hashtag #MeToo. Continue reading “How the latest sexual harassment allegations helped me recognise my own gaslighting”

Erotic flash fiction – On display

‘Spread your legs.’ Tara’s voice is cold, dispassionate and I feel a shiver of fear run down my back. This is what I want, what I asked for and I know I can trust Tara completely, but I shiver with nerves. Nerves, and excitement.

I am sitting on an uncomfortable, straight-backed chair. The only light in the room is directly above me, blinding me, so I cannot see the ring of men standing around me. They can see me, though: every glorious detail of my naked body.

‘Spread them,’ Tara commands, leaning over an putting a hand on either of my knees. ‘Or do I have to do it for you?’

I lick my dry lips and shake my head. I slowly spread my legs, aware of the eyes in the room on me. My pussy is wet, a fact which does not go unnoticed by Tara. She guides me knees apart even more, her breath harder than usual despite her attempts to appear unmoved. A smile briefly touches my lips; I love the effect I have on her. She may be in charge at the moment, but I am not completely powerless.

‘Look at this beautiful cunt,’ Tara says, her hands on either side of my pussy, her fingers spreading my labia wider. ‘Look at how wet she is for you.’

A moan escapes me as several gasps are heard around the room. I don’t know how many men are waiting to fuck me – I asked Tara to keep it a surprise – but I am ready to take them all.

‘I’ll get her started,’ Tara announces and I whip my head around to look at her. That was never the agreement. She winks at me, then stands up and moves away from me. When she comes back, she has my wand massager in her hands. I gasp, and she hasn’t even started yet.

‘Would you like this?’ she asks me, caressing the massive vibrator.

I nod mutely.


‘Yes, please, use me.’

Tara grins and takes up position behind me again. I know why: she wants the men in the room to have an unobstructed view of my body as she pound my pussy with the wand massager. As she turns it on, I can feel my body reacting. Even at the lowest setting that thing has the capability to make me come hard within seconds and I couldn’t think of a better way to warm up.

‘She loves this,’ Tara tells the men in the room. ‘Watch her squirm.’

She places the head against my cunt and immediately waves of pleasure course through me. There is no need for delicacy and I moan loudly as I can already feel my orgasm build. Tara knows how fast I can come this way, so she eases up and points to a man.

‘You, take her while I make her come. Trust me, she needs her hot cunt filled.’

The man doesn’t waste time; he is with me in two steps, positions himself between my legs and rams his rock hard cock deep inside me as Tara keeps the wand massager on my clit.

And then all thought stops and the orgasms take over, one after the other until I have had ten men and an equal amount of orgasms.

Share our Shit Saturday, the “I am Busy” Edition

It’s the end of the week again! It’s been such a busy week for me, with travel to the Netherlands to see family and for work and lots of other work and non-work related items going on. Next week is going to be even worse. I can’t seem to shake this tiredness and I really want to feel the joy of blogging again. I am trying to blog more, as I find that the more I blog, the more I enjoy it, and I also need to not worry too much about what other people think. Continue reading “Share our Shit Saturday, the “I am Busy” Edition”

Sex toy review: Rianne S Xena Heating Rabbit Vibrator

Rianne S Xena Heating Rabbit box

The Rianne S Xena Heating Rabbit Vibrator is my first rabbit vibrator ever. I have been curious about rabbit vibrators ever since I became aware of sex toys, but one way or another I never got round to purchasing one. Recently, Betty’s Toy Box sent me one in exchange for a review, so I finally got to try one out. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Rianne S Xena Heating Rabbit Vibrator”

Share our Shit Saturday – It’s December!

It is Saturday again, how fast did this week go? And with Saturday it is time for another #SoSS post. If you are new to #SoSS, this is a way in which we try to combat the silencing of sex bloggers and sex workers on the Internet, in particular on social media, by sharing each other’s posts on our blogs and widening our reach. Hopefully you find something of interest here, but do also check out other bloggers’ #SoSS posts by checking the hashtag on Twitter. Continue reading “Share our Shit Saturday – It’s December!”

I am an exhausted feminist

I am exhausted.
I am exhausted of hearing so many accusations of sexual assault.
I am exhausted of needing to relive the worst moments of my life for the #MeToo campaign just so that men believe this is an epidemic.
I am exhausted of men judging us for having kept silent about sexual harassment for so long.
I am exhausted of men questioning my experience as a woman.
I am exhausted of women questioning my experience as a woman.
I am exhausted. Aren’t you? Continue reading “I am an exhausted feminist”

Masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of

It seems like I talk about masturbation a lot, both here and on Twitter. But I think masturbation is important, for a number of reasons. Obviously, as a sex blogger I am sometimes required to masturbate when I test out sex toys to review (oh, the hardship!). As I said in an earlier post, I have probably masturbated more in the last year than I have in the 19 years previously. Continue reading “Masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of”

The way you are having sex is unique, amazing and perfect

Are you having sex? Do you enjoy it? Are you getting off? Then great, you are doing it right.

It’s such a simple statement, but why, then, is it so hard to believe? I am 40 years old and have been sexually active for 20 years. I blog about sex and have done more masturbating in the last year than I have all my life combined. But I often still feel like I am “doing it wrong.” Continue reading “The way you are having sex is unique, amazing and perfect”

Sex toy review: Sh! Bliss G-Vibe

Sh! Bliss G-Vibe in box
When I planned to do a giveaway for my 1st year blogiversary, I contacted Sh! to see if they would be willing to provide me with a toy. They were happy to give me the Sh! Bliss G-Vibe, and not only that, they also gave me one to try for myself. Yay! After having been sick for a bit, I finally had a chance to try it out. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Sh! Bliss G-Vibe”