Corset – unedited

The Sinful Sunday theme for this week is Unedited. I must admit I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to post an unedited picture. I usually have very little time – or privacy – to take pictures, so I rely on editing to get my pictures right. I don’t usually use filters, but I do crop heavily as often you can see my face in the pictures I take. (more…)

Silence in the Library – Part 18 The End

Continued from Part 17.

It was two weeks after the conference. Rachel had healed quicker than expected and Chris had taken advantage of that by taking her to ladies’ night. All his female clients – and the wives and girlfriends of his male clients – had been invited. Rachel was to be the entertainment. She was under no illusion what that meant and the thought of being at the disposal of a group of women turned her on.  (more…)

Not speaking up against hurtful behaviour is not an option


I find this an incredibly difficult blog post to write and I almost wasn’t going to. I hate conflict. I was brought up in a household where we never addressed problematic issues head-on. We swept it under the carpet and forgot it existed. But you know what? When you do that, the issues don’t go away. They fester only to erupt later on. You need to speak out about hurtful behaviour. (more…)