Sex toy review: Remote control love egg

My  husband and I bought a sex toy not long ago. It’s our first sex toy and I am aghast that we have waited so long to do it. Because sex toys are fun! Anyhow, we bought the Ann Summers Signature Remote Control Love Egg. love-egg

What really drew us to choose this one was the remote control aspect of it. It has a range of 20 meters, although we have not tested that yet. But the idea that we can be in different parts of the house and my husband can control the vibrations really appealed to us. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Remote control love egg”

Writer’s retreats

I have always wanted to go on a writer’s retreat. “Serious” writers tend to scoff at those retreats. They say, “If you can’t fit in your writing during your normal day and write in whatever space you have available, a writer’s retreat isn’t going to help you.” That statement might be right, but that’s no reason to completely diss the writer’s retreat. Continue reading “Writer’s retreats”

Book review: Babysitting the Baumgartners

Babysittinbaumgartnersg the Baumgartners is a novella by Selena Kitt. Ronnie has been the Baumgartners babysitter for years. When the Baumgartners invite her on a holiday to Key West, Ronnie jumps at the chance. She is eager to have a bit of relaxation while working on her tan. However, Doc and Mrs B have something more exciting in mind and when they set out to seduce Ronnie, she finds there is much more to the Baumgartners than she had imagined. Continue reading “Book review: Babysitting the Baumgartners”