Multi orgasmic: blessing or curse?


We often hear about how difficult it is for women to reach an orgasm. Men seem to be able to come at the flick of a switch, but women need time and lots of stimulation. Such generalisations – as with all generalisations – are dangerous. We are all individuals and we all have different experiences.

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I am an erotic Christian

I grew up in a very conservative household. My parents were devout Christians and raised me and my siblings accordingly. This meant that our sex education purely covered the absolute basics and nothing else. And since I also attended a conservative Christian school, I did not receive any sex ed at school which could enlighten me any more. Continue reading “I am an erotic Christian”

Sex toy review: Ann Summers Climax Rechargeable Power Bullet

After my successful introduction to sex toys with the Remote Control Vibrating Egg, I felt like getting a bullet vibrator for solo play. The vibrating egg is fun and all, but because it comes with a remote control, it is always a bit fiddly if you just want to use it by yourself. So I made another trip to my local Ann Summers. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Ann Summers Climax Rechargeable Power Bullet”

Sex toy review – Glass dildo

I am quite a novice as far as sex toys are concerned. Up until recently I only owned a remote controlled vibrating egg and Luna love beads. I really love both, and especially the love egg is a lot of fun to play with hubby with. I like that he can control it, so I am totally at his mercy. Continue reading “Sex toy review – Glass dildo”