Summer 100 Blog Challenge

It’s almost summer, my blog has moved home and I would like to grow my blogging network. That is why I have decided to join Victoria’s Summer 100 Blog Challenge. I will try to blog every day throughout the summer, which will not quite amount to 100 blog posts, but nearly. This will be a real challenge for me as I am editing all of June, and will be away for half of July and half of August on holiday (yeah, lots of holiday this year). But we’ll see how far I’ll get. I will just have to be more vigilant in writing and scheduling blog posts ahead of times.

Check out Victoria’s blog and join the challenge!

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Welcome to my new space!

Welcome sign

Hello and welcome to my new space. Whether you are new here or have migrated with me from my WordPress blog, I am happy you could make it. I hope you like what you read here and I look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Please feel free to roam around and let me have it in the comments. A new feature of the blog is the story page where I will post some of my longer stories. New features will be added as we go along.


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Flash Fiction Friday #18 – Her first lesbian experience

Her eyes were enormous in her face. ‘Please,’ she whispered.
I felt a pang of pity for her, but squashed it. She had asked for this. ‘Please what?’ I asked, deliberately making my voice hard. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday #18 – Her first lesbian experience”

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Why is bisexuality so confusing to people?

For a long time in my life I didn’t really think about my sexuality. I was attracted to men and women alike, but identified as straight. Being gay was a taboo when I grew up (strict upbringing and such), so I mostly repressed my attraction to women. I made out with a few women in college, but it never progressed beyond that.

Continue reading “Why is bisexuality so confusing to people?”

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Sex toy review: Ann Summers Zuri wet look dress

Although not technically a sex toy, this product does fall into the category of sex toys, hence the title. Read my other sex toy reviews here.

Dressing up in the bedroom is always fun, but up until recently the extent of my dressing up has been stockings and high heels, items already in my possession. I never really felt the need to buy something especially for the purpose of sex and seduction. When hubby intimated that he would like me to dress up in a sexy latex-like dress, I decided to give the Ann Summers Zuri wet look dress a try. After all, if it turns him on, I’m game. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Ann Summers Zuri wet look dress”

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Flash Fiction Friday #17 – Fantasising about the boss

I catch my boss glance in my direction and I fidget in my seat. I have been horny all morning, after having had a particularly hot dream about him. I can’t help my mind wandering now. I keep my eye riveted to my computer screen, pretending to be busy reading an article, but my mind is far away. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday #17 – Fantasising about the boss”

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How masturbation improved my sex life


Apparently May is Masturbation Month. I had heard that at the beginning of the month, but had not really paid much attention to it. However, a recent trip abroad for work made me think about masturbating and its function and in light of May being Masturbation Month, this might be a good time to share some thoughts. Continue reading “How masturbation improved my sex life”

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Busy, busy, busy

I am aware that I have neglected the blog a bit. I didn’t even have time to write and post a Flash Fiction Friday post, I’m sorry. I am working through edits on my manuscript which I will send out Monday in a week after which things won’t be as hectic. I’ll be back to posting regularly soon.

Stay sexy, everyone!

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Flash Fiction Friday #16 – Sex party

The masks afford us the illusion of anonimity. That’s all it is: an illusion, but it’s what I need. This is the first time I have ever been to a party like this. I almost wasn’t going to come, but Tara convinced me.  Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday #16 – Sex party”

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