30 Day Orgasm Challenge – Nipplegasm, anyone?

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As part of the 30 Day Orgasm Challenge, I decided to be more mindful of my body. Rather than mindlessly chasing orgasms, I decided to take note of my body, explore what turns me on and what makes me feel good. I especially decided to pay attention to things I don’t normally do.

We all get like that sometimes: masturbation starts to feel like the same old quick wank for a quick result. And I get it: not everyone has the time to taken an hour or two for masturbation. I certainly don’t, unless I am away from home travelling for work. Having kids makes taking time for myself really hard.

A few days ago, Posy Churchgate tweeted a link to a blog posts she wrote for Frolic Me. It is about women playing with their nipples and giving themselves a nipplegasm. In it, Posy names me as saying that I don’t particularly enjoy my nipples being played with, which is true. This got me thinking: why do I not like my nipples played with?

One thing led to another, and I found myself in the shower yesterday deciding I would see if I still don’t like my nipples played with. After all, my dislike of nipple play stemmed from the time I was really suffering with endometriosis and I didn’t really like anything sexual or arousing. Perhaps my tastes had changed?

Determined not to care whether I had an orgasm or not, I lathered myself up and paid attention to my nipples. At first it felt rather strange, but I pushed past that. I closed my eyes and paid attention to my body. I stopped overthinking everything and just focused on the sensation. I relaxed my body – I have a tendency to tense up when I want to like something, almost reaching for the feeling I think I’m supposed to have – and enjoyed how my fingers felt on my nipples.

And – surprise! – I really liked it. Once I got past the mental block of “I don’t like my nipples played with” I found out that I do like it. I can’t claim to have had a nipplegasm, but my body did feel all tingly and wonderful and when I stepped out of the shower I was relaxed and happy. I am so happy that I decided to give it another try and ignored my prejudice about my nipples.

And that is what the 30 Day Orgasm Challenge is about for me. Not whether I am going to have an orgasm every day – with my life that’s just not feasible – but to discover different ways in which my body can make me feel good. I have to thank Posy for alerting me to that article she wrote. I can’t wait to see what else I will try!

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  1. This is so wonderful Isabelle, I loved Posy’s article on FrolicMe too… And it totally inspired me to try as well. I am pleased to report that while I thought it wasn’t possible for me, I got a lovely surprising sensation just like you did x x

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