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Couples Therapy The weekend awayToday I want to welcome Brook Wood to the blog, who is a fellow erotica writer. I really enjoyed her Couples Therapy series, which you can get on Amazon. And if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, her books are free!

I asked Brook a few questions about her books and her writing.

Tell me a bit about your books. What have you written so far?

I have written a series of four novelettes, titled Couples Therapy, that tracks the evolving relationship of 2 best friends and their husbands as their friendship becomes physical and they start swinging with each other. And then a standalone novelette that explores my new fascination with BDSM as a dominant wife.

How did you get started on writing and especially erotica?

Couples Therapy Massage Table I started on a dare! I have always been sex positive and owned a women only intimacy boutique for some years, so have always been fascinated by sex and open about my enjoyment of sex and supportive of married couples keeping the spark of intimacy alive. When my bestie dared me to try writing an erotic short story I jumped at the chance, and to tease and shock her a bit I made her and I, and our husbands, the lead characters. She loved it and that story became the first scene in The Weekend Away, the first Couples Therapy title. Once I started on the story I couldn’t stop and wanted to see where my couples’ relationship would go, which has developed through four titles so far. After starting out with naive intentions and pretty strict boundaries, they have been moving their boundaries with each installment, but have so far resisted sleeping with each other or having penetrative sex with each other’s husbands, so I need to write a fifth and final story at some point to see where it ends.

What do you find the biggest challenge in writing erotica?

I am very detailed and need to get inside the head of my characters. Rather than just describing physically what is happening, I need to describe in detail how the experience feels for each participant, physically and emotionally. I know what things feel like for me, but it is hard to know what it feels like for my other female characters, and even more so for the guys. So describing how a guy experiences a blow job and an orgasm, for example, is probably my biggest challenge, as I want to get it right. I drive my poor husband dilly with a thousand questions that being a guy he struggles to answer. “But how does it make you feel?” is the bane of the poor man’s existence!

What do you enjoy most about writing erotica?

Couples Therapy Alexander has a threesome Exploring my fantasies. I write what turns me on, and I hope to turn my readers on too. I want my readers to be able to insert themselves into my scenes because they are realistic and feel (there’s that word again!) real to them. That is why I want my characters to be ‘real’ forty something wives and mothers, not silicone enhanced Barbie dolls. My greatest compliment is when a reader tells me that a particular scene got them off. The idea of someone getting turned on and masturbating and coming from imagining themselves in one of my scenes is the best affirmation that I can get for my writing. My process is to fantasize a scene and then to write it. So writing for me involves a lot of masturbating! My hubby always jokes that I write in a puddle!

Are there any sexual pairings you prefer? Your couples therapy has quite a few FFM threesomes, is that your preference?

I’m a monogamous married mom in real life, so my reality is FM. Writing has definitely been an outlet for me to explore my sexual fantasies though. I have allowed my latent bi-curious side to develop through my writing, and lately a lot of my solo sexy-time involves either female-female fantasies, or FFM threesomes. But I am not sure that I have a specific preference for particular pairings in my writing. If I run through the couples therapy plot lines in my head there is an FFM, FMFM, FFM, FFM, FM, MMF, FM, FMFM, FMFM, MMF, FF so quite a mix, I think. The next installment is definitely headed for some hot FF action, and maybe even some MM as well, which will be an interesting new challenge for me to explore – can a woman writer really write convincing MM scenes, and especially about two straight married guys opening themselves up to discovering the pleasures of MM sex?

What type of erotica would you like to see/read more of?

Couples Therapy Couples on Safari I am definitely a sapiosexual; when I read the term a while back it was like a light going on for me. Sexual attraction is less about the person’s gender for me and more about an attraction to their mind and intellect. So I definitely seek out intelligent erotica with a convincing emotional element to it. It needs to be plausible and realistic for me and I need to feel what the characters are feeling. It needs to be well written, and grammar and vocabulary are important for me; bad writing turns me off instantly. And I love lots of detail, especially about what the characters are feeling and experiencing as they explore their sexuality. So while I like explicit sex, the bits in between are equally important for me, and character development is key. I am discovering a fascination with BDSM, and especially Fem Dom BDSM, and well written and insightful BDSM erotica that can guide me as I explore more of this kink is what I am mainly looking for and reading at present.

Do you have any new stories in the pipeline and if so, could you share what you are working on?

Disciplining Mr DavisI am working on a very deep and emotionally intense BDSM piece, but it is taking me a while to finish as I keep needing to step away from it for a bit and then come back to it again when I am in the mood. Disciplining Mr Davis was my first attempt at a BDSM story, and this one has grown out of that. My hubby and I have been exploring my newfound predilection for Fem Dom BDSM and he has turned out to be an amazingly willing supplicant and quite the pain slut, despite being very much the powerful and successful alpha male in ‘real life’. As we work through this and discover our likes and our limits it is introducing a very interesting new dynamic to our marriage of 20 years, and I am using the piece I am working on as an outlet to process many of the new emotions I am experiencing. If it ever gets finished and published I think it will be quite an intense read.

Any other thoughts you would like to share on being an erotica writer?

It has been a revelation for me, and so liberating! Plus I have never masturbated so much in my adult life! But the best thing has been the amazing group of likeminded friends that I have discovered online on Twitter. It is fantastic to have a group of people where I can really just be myself and talk about anything and ask anything and express anything in a totally non-judgemental space. I am very much still ‘in the closet’ in real life as the archetypal ‘soccer mom’. My social circle is rather ‘proper’ and would be shocked if they knew about my writing, let alone my emerging bi-curious Fem Dom side! Having the supportive network I have found on Twitter has given me the courage to express my true self through my writings, and it has been healing to finally allow myself to openly express that side of me.

Thank you very much for your answers, Brook! You can get Brook’s Couples Therapy series on Amazon. Her standalone book, Disciplining Mr Davis can also be found on Amazon.

You can follow Brook Wood on Twitter as well.

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