I bought cute panties!

I’ve only participated in Lingerie is For Everyone twice, because I didn’t really own that much nice lingerie. Most of my panties are sadly very practical and not really sexy. But I recently went shopping and got a few nice panties (and some bras), so here is a peek at one of the pairs of panties I bought. I really love it (and so does my OH), so I thought I’d share. (more…)

Sex toy review: Paloqueth Heating Tongue Vibrator

Paloqueth heating tongue vibrator with box

Every time I say I’m done with sex toy reviews I somehow get suckered back into it. Paloqueth contacted me months ago asking if I would review some of their sex toys and I sent them my rates. I didn’t hear from them for a long time and then recently they emailed me agreeing to my fee. So I picked two toys from their catalogue, toys I thought I would certainly like, among which the Paloqueth Heating Tongue Vibrator. Let’s see how that worked out, shall we? (more…)

What is my dream job

This week’s food for thought topic is “What did you want to be when you grow up?” I always find it hard to stick exactly to the prompts given in these types of memes, so I am going to deviate a little bit this time as well. I will discuss what my dream job was when I grew up, and I also want to tell you what my fantasy job would be like. (more…)

Sneaky lingerie picture

Isabelle in lingerie

This is my contribution to the Lingerie is for Everyone meme. I’m usually quite hesitant to post pictures of myself, so I’m not sure how long my nerve is going to hold with this one.

I don’t have a lot of really sexy lingerie, but this is one set I own (and love). Sadly I don’t have a lot of privacy in my home so setting up a good photo shoot is difficult. This is just a selfie I took rather quickly in the bathroom this morning.

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Lingerie is for everyone