Blogger spotlight: Victoria from Pretty Pink Lotus Bud

As part of the Summer 100 Sex Blogger Challenge I have decided to run a weekly series featuring a different participant in the challenge each week. This post will be dedicated to that blogger, so it will not include links to other participants. If you want me to turn the spotlight on you, contact me via email or DM on Twitter.

Summer 100 Sex blogger challenge

First up is Victoria from Pretty Pink Lotus Bud. Victoria’s blog focuses on sexual empowerment, spirituality and relationships. She is very honest and open about herself and her sexuality, and shares her – very recognisable – experiences with her readers. She is also the host of the Summer 100 Sex Blogger Challenge. I asked Victoria a few questions about her blog.

What made you decide to start a sex blog?
I decided to start Pretty Pink Lotus Bud after a friend asked me what I’d done over the summer. The truth was, I had spent my entire summer exploring my sexuality, but I was too ashamed to reveal that. I remember thinking, “Why am I ashamed?” I realized that it wasn’t because I was ashamed of myself, but I was ashamed of what my friend might think of me. Then I felt a bit upset because I believe that no person should feel ashamed for having the desire and courage to openly explore their sexuality. This blog in all its parts is an act of rebellion against a system of social constructs that are highly restrictive to discovering one’s self. It’s my way of advocating for sexual liberation. #freethesex
What, if anything, would you like your blog to achieve?
I would like my blog to be a lighthouse; guiding others on a safe journey in a safe space where they are free to openly express their sexuality and who they are.
How much do you protect your anonymity as a sex blogger or are you quite open about writing a sex blog? And if the latter, what kind of reactions have you received?

There is absolutely zero anonymity when it comes to my blog. One thing I advocate for as a sex blogger is open expression. Therefore I choose to openly express my sexuality because it is such a huge chunk of who I am. To hide this part of me for as long as I have has very much felt the way a non-hetero person would feel being “stuck in the closet”. It’s very inhibiting.

In being “out” about my sexuality, I have received way more positive reactions than not. However, I’ve had some negative encounters such as the one I talk about in Slut-Shamed for Being a Sex Blogger

If readers would read only one post from your blog, which one would you recommend? (i.e. which is your favourite/most important blog post?)
I would recommend, The Myth of the Slut. It was one of my first and most popular posts. I like it a lot. It was also an inspiration to the creation of my blog.
Do you have any advice for other sex bloggers?
Feel the fear and do it anyway; your experience is valid. Also, know your reason, know your cause because you’re going to get a lot of “Why sex?” type of questions. Not saying that you have to respond to any of them, but it’s important to know the why for yourself.
And finally, can you tell me your reasons behind creating the Summer 100 Sex Blogger Challenge?

When I initially began blogging as a sex blogger, I wanted to join some groups and find other sex bloggers like me (new bloggers and WoC). It wasn’t easy. I kept running across huge sex toy reviewers which was cool but I really wanted to meet others who blogged about true to life sexual experiences. I have three goals that I want to achieve through Pretty Pink Lotus Bud and those goals are to

1) find my tribe; to connect with other sex bloggers

2) to be an advocate for open sexual expression and sexual freedom

3) to make blogging as a sex blogger a full-time lucrative position

I know that I cannot achieve these goals alone and I also know that I desire for others to have the opportunity to be just as successful in their endeavors. I truly wanted to find a way that I could work towards all of those goals in a single fluid motion: connecting with others, building content, and growing blog a presence. I can be quite the procrastinator so I figured a fun challenge would keep me motivated and hold me accountable. So far, it’s working!

It is open to sex bloggers and all who are interested can continue to sign-up until July 2nd.

Thank you for your open answers, Victoria. I look forward to seeing what blog posts you will publish over the next three months!

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