Blogger spotlight: Rose from Oh Gush!

Summer 100 Sex blogger challenge

Today we have Rose as our blogger in the spotlight. Rose owns the blog Oh Gush! which takes a look at female ejaculation and the myths surrounding it.

What made you decide to start a sex blog?

Oh gush was born out of my frustration that so much of what is written about female ejaculation and squirting is geared towards men, and portrays it as a novelty or unicorn experience.

If you Google the terms ‘female ejaculation’ or ‘squirting’, you’re likely to either find porn (which doesn’t give an accurate or realistic portrayal) or click-bait articles with titles like “how to make your woman squirt” or “how you can learn to squirt in 5 easy steps.”

Apart from a few articles by some of my fellow awesome sex bloggers, female ejaculation is rarely written about from the viewpoint of someone who actually experiences it in their every-day sex life, and there isn’t a lot of practical information out there, either.

In addition to this, there is still an outdated and false stigma associated with female ejaculation. It continues to be incorrectly labelled and dismissed as pee or sexual incontinence by so called scientific “experts” in this highly under-researched area of sexual health.

What, if anything, would you like your blog to achieve?

The first time I experienced female ejaculation, I had no idea what was going on. I’d never seen, heard or read anything about female ejaculation. I wish at that time I’d found something like my blog to read, so I didn’t feel so alone and embarrassed; that what I was experiencing was actually not abnormal.

Historically, female ejaculation was both accepted and celebrated. It was documented as early as 300 B.C, and yet somehow over the past couple of centuries, this viewpoint has morphed into squirting being dealt the ultra crap deal it has today; even being outlawed in porn in the UK.

I hope that by putting my first-hand accounts and practical information out there, I can create further discussion and normality around it. After all, female ejaculation is a completely real and natural sexual marvel that some 30-50% of women will experience at some point during their sexual lives.

How much do you protect your anonymity as a sex blogger or are you quite open about writing a sex blog? And if the latter, what kind of reactions have you received?

I try and protect my anonymity as much as possible. My ‘day job’ is in the corporate world, so I feel it’s necessary.

I also feel I can be more open in discussing my sexual history, including private anecdotes and mentions of exes by remaining anonymous.

Of the few close friends which I have shared oh gush with, the majority have been supportive and it’s no surprise to them as they know how fascinated I am by sex. My partner is extremely supportive, although doesn’t quite share my level of interest in all aspects of the sexual rainbow.

I’ve had a few close encounters with my ultra conservative parents finding out about the blog, but thankfully they are still completely unaware.

If readers would read only one post from your blog, which one would you recommend (i.e. which is your favourite/most important blog post)?

The most popular post I’ve written has been the 3 Different Ways I’ve Squirted, in which I label and discuss the three types of female ejaculation I’ve experienced since I first discovered I had the ability to squirt.

The reason I feel this post is important, and why it seems to have drawn as many readers as it has, is because it highlights that there is more than one way in which female ejaculation can manifest.

Porn has given us an unrealistic depiction of female ejaculation, in which we’re shown actresses squirting vast amounts of liquid out of their yonis. This isn’t generally what happens in ‘real life’. Many women may have experienced female ejaculation already and not even realise, because the amount of fluid may only be a few drops or mixed in with the other sexual excretions.

Do you have any advice for other sex bloggers?

It may seem simple, but for those starting out: reach out to other sex bloggers and read other people’s blogs!

As my everyday life is quite separate to my oh gush blogging world, and I choose to maintain my anonymity, in the early stages I felt lonely at times in putting my most personal thoughts and experiences other there into the internet ether, because I can’t just share it with everyone and ask their opinions. Reaching out to other sex bloggers in the community has been invaluable in connecting with like-minded people, sharing experiences, garnering advice, and opening my eyes to new sexual interests, activities and lifestyles that I previously knew nothing about.

And finally, why have you decided to join Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Challenge and are you really going to write 100 posts?

I decided to join simply because it just seemed like a great initiative.

Truth be told – I’m not likely to reach the 100 post challenge by the end, but it’s given me great motivation in brainstorming new ideas, connecting with other bloggers and discovering so many other fantastic sex blogs!

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