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Completely Yours

What is the price of being true to oneself?

Caroline is on top of her game. Black Goddess, her company, is opening a store in New York, and a week away from the office is just what Caroline needs. In Toronto, she has to play the role of the prim, successful business woman, romantically linked with her business partner Daniel. But in New York she can be sexually free. It doesn’t hurt that this time, her attractive project manager Alisha is coming with them.

Alisha is attracted to both her bosses, but she is determined not to jeopardise her career. This determination is shaken when Caroline proposes a no-strings attached sexual relationship for the duration of the business trip. Unable to deny her feelings Alisha embarks upon a scorching sexual journey with Caroline.

Daniel is in love with Caroline. Knowing that their romantic relationship is nothing more than a facade with no chance of ever becoming a reality, Daniel decides to quit his job as Caroline’s business partner in an effort to protect his heart. All he has to do is survive the week in New York. But can he continue to deny his feelings, especially when Caroline needs him?

When the media makes details of Caroline’s sexual excesses public, Caroline, Alisha and Daniel must work together to save the future of Black Goddess—and their hearts.

Other sellers:

Surrender in the Library

A dark BDSM story that will leave you gasping for more.

Rachel is no stranger to hot, rough sex. When she is caught spying on Chris having sex in the library, he proposes a night of sex in exchange for his silence. Chris is determined to break Rachel, but he hasn’t counted on how headstrong and determined she is. What started out as a one-time romp quickly turns into something darker and deeper as both Chris and Rachel test the limits of their twisted minds.

As Chris pushes Rachel farther out of her comfort zone, he realises he has to really step up his game in order to break her and make her surrender fully to him.

How far is he willing to go and how much can Rachel endure before she finally surrenders?

Surrender in the Library the first book in the Twisted Lovers series.
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Submission in the Mansion

What does it take to become fully submissive?

Rachel is excited about becoming Chris’s full-time sex slave, but when he demands more from her than just her body, is she willing to submit her mind and heart to him as well?

This is the second book in the Twisted Lovers series.
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He said I was insatiable. I suppose he was right.

Amber is always up for sex. Josh is an amazing lover, even if he doesn’t manage to completely satisfy her. Desperate to give his wife what she deserves, Josh invites their friend Ryan over for a night of passion. Can both men succeed to sate her completely?

Sated is an intensely erotic short story.
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Unleash My Desires

Would you risk your heart for a night of total sexual abandon?

Three years ago, I spent the hottest weekend of my life with an English businessman who unleashed my darkest desires. And then he disappeared from my life, leaving me broken.

I never thought I’d see Nathan again, but when I’m sent to Vegas to close a lucrative deal with a new client, he appears back in my life, hotter than ever. All I want to do is focus on my work, but Nathan makes me a different offer: to spend the night reliving our weekend together.

Can I spend the night with him knowing he will likely leave me again? Is a night of total sexual abandon worth the price of a broken heart?

Unleash My Desires is a hot, steamy BDSM story.
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The Insatiable Jane Travers coverThe Insatiable Jane Travers

It’s the roaring twenties.

Naive virgin Jane Travers arrives at her friend’s country home hoping to spend a summer away from her strict aunt and uncle in New York. She’s been promised wild parties and endless excitement, but she soon finds herself in over her head. With the help of the sexy singer Lillian Smith and her old flame Sidney Fitzroy, Jane starts to explore her sexuality, blossoming from an innocent virgin into an insatiable vixen.

With Sidney and Lillian both satisfying her deepest desires, Jane sheds her restrictive upbringing and embraces her newfound freedom. As her feelings for both Sidney and Lillian intensify, Jane faces an impossible choice: a stable future with Sidney or a lifetime of excitement with Lillian.

But how can she choose when her heart—and body—belongs to both of them?
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