Flash Fiction Friday – The Library

The library is quiet; even the rustle of my pages sounds loud in the silence. I am not here to read though, I am here to catch Gary, my boyfriend. I suspect he has been meeting our mutual friend Tara here for reasons other than studying. I ¬†just need confirmation.¬† Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – The Library”

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Flash Fiction Friday – Companion

As Gary trailed kisses from her neck down her breasts, stopping to lave on her nipples before moving down to that sweet spot between her thighs, Sandra moaned involuntarily. He was good. He took his time, seeking out her erogenous zones and making sure she enjoyed everything he was doing to her. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – Companion”

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Flash Fiction Friday #25 – Hot tub

A belated Flash Fiction Friday piece.

‘I can’t believe you have a hot tub.’ I sigh as I lower myself in the hot, bubbling water.

Sidney lowers herself next to me and moans with pleasure. ‘I needed this, my muscles are aching.’ Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday #25 – Hot tub”

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Flash fiction Friday #24 – Punished

on the beach

‘What a scorcher!’

Laura looked up to see Sophie flop down on the sun lounger next to her. She had met Sophie on the first day of her holiday. The other woman had accompanied her husband to the resort and while he worked during the day, Sophie and Laura spent time at the beach and beside the pool. Talk had turned to sex quite early on; Laura couldn’t remember whether it was she or Sophie who had first brought it up. Continue reading “Flash fiction Friday #24 – Punished”

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Flash Fiction Friday #22 – The Sculptor

His hands trace the outline of her hip. He slowly makes his way up over her waist, making a detour over her belly, towards her breasts. Her nipples are erect, two buds standing proudly on the beautiful domes of her breasts. He caresses them lovingly, feels how hard the nipples are under his hands. He sighs at the perfection of her body. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday #22 – The Sculptor”

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Flash Fiction Friday #21 – Katie’s reward

This is a continuation of Flash Fiction Friday #19.

It was time for Katie’s reward. I pushed Katie on her back and grinned at her quick intake of breath. Now that my own urgent need had been if not quite sated, then at least lessened, I could concentrate on her. I had no idea what her experience had been, but I was determined to give her an earth shattering orgasm. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday #21 – Katie’s reward”

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Flash Fiction Friday #20 – Rain

The rain took me by surprise; soaking me, drenching me. My carefully applied make up streaked my face. My hair, which I had spent an hour blow drying, lay flat on my head, dripping tendrils sticking to my neck. My silk blouse clung to my skin, making it obvious that I was not wearing a bra. What had seemed like a playful idea – the suggestion of a nipple under the fabric – had turned into a disaster. How could I enter the restaurant like this? Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday #20 – Rain”

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