March is endometriosis awareness month: my story


March is endometriosis awareness month and in particular in the UK, 3-11 March is endometriosis awareness week. In the UK it takes women an average of 7.5 years to receive a diagnosis. With 1.5 million women in the UK suffering from the condition, it’s really important to raise more awareness for this incurable disease. Continue reading “March is endometriosis awareness month: my story”

Mindfulness greatly enhances the sexual experience


Life is busy. I am sure we can all agree on that. There are many things that demand our attention, time and energy. Often there is hardly enough time in the day to have sex and when we do have sex, our minds are still racing. That’s where mindfulness can come in handy. Continue reading “Mindfulness greatly enhances the sexual experience”

Self doubt and anxiety: a match made in hell

I like to think of myself as a confident woman. I don’t really give many fucks about what people think of me. I dye my hair purple and wear Doc Martens boots to work, a very conservative office work environment. But when it comes to my writing and blogging, self doubt overwhelms me. Continue reading “Self doubt and anxiety: a match made in hell”

Fantasies of being gang-banged

I consider myself quite vanilla. I have only had sex with 2 men in my life (consensual, that is), I have been with my husband for 21 years (married for almost 17) and we are both monogamous. I like it that way. I am not telling you all these things because I want a medal or anything. Far from it. NO, I am telling you this to frame what I am going to tell you next. Continue reading “Fantasies of being gang-banged”

Variety in sex helped me after my hysterectomy

My motto has always been ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Especially when it comes to sex and masturbation. If it gets me off, then I will keep repeating the same formula. I never really saw a reason to change things. I had my favourite positions during sex and my favourite ways of wanking and that was it. There was hardly any variety. Continue reading “Variety in sex helped me after my hysterectomy”

Eroticon meet and greet

Eroticon is less than a month away (and thanks to February being a very short month that means less than 4 weeks away!) and I am really looking forward to it. I am meeting my online friend Victoria on Friday before we head to the Meet and Greet and then the conference on Saturday. I already met Luv Bunny at the So Divine 1st anniversary party, so there will be a few familiar faces for me. Continue reading “Eroticon meet and greet”

Rest, reset, recharge – Observing Lent this year

Lent started this Wednesday, conveniently on Valentine’s Day. I don’t traditionally observe Lent, I don’t fast and I don’t really give up any of my vices. But this year I thought I would try giving up something for Lent. Something that would – hopefully – make a difference to my life. Continue reading “Rest, reset, recharge – Observing Lent this year”

Coitus interruptus: the challenges of being interrupted

tangled limbs

Parenting is great. Kids are great. Most of the time, at least. But kids bring with them many challenges. And I am not even speaking of the usual raising-them-properly and teaching-them-good-manners challenges. No, I am talking about how they can make it so challenging for you to have sex. Continue reading “Coitus interruptus: the challenges of being interrupted”

Orgasms are not the only measure of great sex


Orgasms are great. I love the thigh clenching, shuddering orgasms a toy like the We Vibe Tango can pull out of me. I love how my husband can make me orgasm in unexpected ways by touching me with feather light touches, leaving me a quivering mess. Every woman should be able to orgasm and I would urge every woman to masturbate in an effort to find out what makes you orgasm. Continue reading “Orgasms are not the only measure of great sex”