Masturbation Month – my progress so far

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May is Masturbation Month and we are already 7 days into this month. Sometimes I can’t believe how much time flies. It seemed like only yesterday I joined the #30dayOrgasmFun challenge, which started at the beginning of April and which I didn’t do too well at. It seems like since my sex toy reviews have dwindled, my masturbation practices have dwindled with it. Continue reading “Masturbation Month – my progress so far”

A week of daily orgasms: a mixture of toys and fingering

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I decided to join in Tanitha Rayne’s #30DayOrgasmFun challenge where you attempt to have 30 orgasms in 30 days in the month of April. It’s just a bit of fun, no pressure, but I wanted to take it seriously. It’s time for a check in to report how I am doing so far. Continue reading “A week of daily orgasms: a mixture of toys and fingering”

Your sex blogger voice matters

I really had a great time at Eroticon. All of the talks I went to were informative and inspiring. The day started off great with Girl on the Net’s talk. As part of her talk she displayed a number of reasons which makes it difficult for us sex bloggers to write. One of them said “Someone else has already blogged about it better than I could.” Continue reading “Your sex blogger voice matters”

Toxic masculinity is harmful to everyone

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have brought to light the extent to which women are harassed every day. And wherever a discussion about sexual harassment takes place, you can be guaranteed that some men will show up, angry at these accusations. Or lamenting how hard they have it and how male suicide is such an issue. And there definitely are problems with the way men are being raised. It all comes down to toxic masculinity. Continue reading “Toxic masculinity is harmful to everyone”

I am becoming a confident, demanding woman

I like to think of myself as a confident woman. I don’t lack the confidence to wear whatever clothes I like, or to speak my mind, especially on my blog. But since I have become more enlightened in a feminist way, I realise how much I still conform to society’s norms of women being compliant and non-demanding. Continue reading “I am becoming a confident, demanding woman”

Arousal doesn’t have to be spontaneous

I traveled for business the past few days. As always when I travel and stay in a hotel, I took a few sex toys along. It is rare that I get time to really indulge in a nice long masturbation session, so I take the business trips as an opportunity to do just that. This time around though, when I got to my hotel on Monday night, I didn’t really feel like it. I was tired, my ears were clogged from flying with a cold and all I wanted to do was crawl under the covers and watch some telly. Continue reading “Arousal doesn’t have to be spontaneous”