Your partner isn’t responsible for your happiness

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A few days ago I wrote about how hubby and I keep our relationship going. Since posting that article, I had a few more thoughts on the subject. And in particular around relationships and happiness. Of course we all want a partner with whom we can be happy. But you can’t make your partner responsible for your happiness. Continue reading “Your partner isn’t responsible for your happiness”

An evening of kink and bondage with the Scarlet Ladies

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I love being a member of the Scarlet Ladies. As I don’t live in London, I am an out of town member and I sadly don’t get to go as often as I want. When I do go, though, it’s like a balm for my soul. It’s so great to be among other women who are open about sex. Continue reading “An evening of kink and bondage with the Scarlet Ladies”

It takes two to tango: relationships take work

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I have been with my husband for 21 years now. We have been married for 17 years. We have a stricltly monogamous relationship, which works very well for us. Since the theme for the third round of the Summer 100 Sex Blogger Challenge is about relationships, I thought I’d share some tips as to how we manage to still make our relationship work. Continue reading “It takes two to tango: relationships take work”

Full disclosure: does your partner need to know everything about you?

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Do you tell your partner everything? I often hear people say, “My partner and I have no secrets from each other.” That is, of course, a laudable sentiment, but this same sentiment can be used as an abusive tactic. We need to be clear about what we mean by saying this. Continue reading “Full disclosure: does your partner need to know everything about you?”

Let’s not stop talking about sex

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“You talk about sex as if it is something normal.”

My sister said this to me, a while ago, after we had spent an evening talking about sex. As if it is something normal. I knew what she meant, of course. In our family, when we grew up, sex wasn’t talked about. It was something you did when you were married, in order to have children, nothing else. Continue reading “Let’s not stop talking about sex”

69 is not my magic number

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The more I become sexually aware, and the more I talk about sex with other women, the more I realise there is no “acceptable standard” of sex. I know it’s a bit weird to be saying this in 2018, and at the age of 40(ish), but until I started blogging about sex about a year and a half ago, I never really talked to anyone about sex. And if you don’t talk about sex, you only have your own experience to go on. That, and books/porn, which is not a good guide. Continue reading “69 is not my magic number”

Losing my virginity wasn’t special

I was nineteen when I lost my virginity. I was raised in a conservative Christian household and as such I was taught not to have sex before marriage. My virginity was a “gift” I should save for my husband. It would be a very special occasion for us both when I finally lost my virginity. No one ever mentioned my future husband’s virginity or even whether he would be a virgin. And sex education was, of course, pretty much non-existent.
Continue reading “Losing my virginity wasn’t special”

Strong women need hugs too

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TW: mental health, suicide

I am a strong, capable, organised woman. Nothing really fazes me. I keep my family organised, I handle all the finances, I plan the holidays and calm hubby down when he stresses out about things. I work fulltime, but also find time to blog regularly and write short stories and novels. I help my kids with their homework and organise their birthday parties. I remember my extended family’s birthdays and I send cards to friends when they need a pick-me-up. I am the last person you need to worry about regarding mental health. Continue reading “Strong women need hugs too”