How the latest sexual harassment allegations helped me recognise my own gaslighting

Sexual harassment seems to be a hot topic these days. Allegations of sexual misconduct have been brought out against Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore and Louis CK, to name a few, and here in the UK we have seen our own spate of sexual harassment claims against members of parliament. As a consequence, Twitter has exploded with women coming forward to tell their own – often harrowing – tales of sexual harassment, particularly under the hashtag #MeToo. (more…)

I am an exhausted feminist

I am exhausted.
I am exhausted of hearing so many accusations of sexual assault.
I am exhausted of needing to relive the worst moments of my life for the #MeToo campaign just so that men believe this is an epidemic.
I am exhausted of men judging us for having kept silent about sexual harassment for so long.
I am exhausted of men questioning my experience as a woman.
I am exhausted of women questioning my experience as a woman.
I am exhausted. Aren’t you? (more…)