Sex toy review: Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo in box

I attended Eroticon at the end of March, which was an absolute blast. At Eroticon I met the great folks from Hot Octopuss who generously agreed to send me the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo to test. This toy is a couple’s toy and works best paired with a penis-owner, which is where my husband came in. He was all too glad to help.
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A day (evening) in the life of a sex toy reviewer

It’s Sunday evening and it’s a rare evening that my husband is out. He will be home late, so I have plenty of time to try out the backlog of toys that I need to review. I work full time and have two children, so getting time to test out sex toys is sometimes challenging. (Not to mention getting the opportunity to photograph the toys.) I lay all four toys out on the bed, along with my new favourite bullet, the We Vibe Tango. I know for sure that this will be able to get me off effectively, in case all the others fail to do the job. Continue reading “A day (evening) in the life of a sex toy reviewer”

Sex toy review: Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit in box

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit is the last of the new Satisfyer sex toys I got to review. You can read about the Satsifyer Pro Plus Vibration and the Satisfyer 4 Couples in my previous posts. In both those posts I expressed my surprise at actually liking these new Satisfyer toys as the previous two I had received did nothing for me. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit”

Sex toy review: Satisfyer 4 Couples

Satisfyer 4 Couples in box

Satisfyer just keep churning out new toys. They are very generous in sending them out to reviewers and sent me 3 of them. I have already reviewed the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration and today I will let you know what I thought of the Satisfyer 4 Couples. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Satisfyer 4 Couples”

Sex toy review: Bumpy Betty Vibe

Bumpy Betty Vibe in package

It is rare that I test a sex toy that I really don’t get on with at all. I usually am able to make it work somehow. Even the Tantus Goliath, as big as it was, was able to fit inside me with some coaxing and a lot of lube. It just wasn’t my favourite. But the Bumpy Betty Vibe made by Pink B.O.B. firmly falls into the category of toys I will never use again. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Bumpy Betty Vibe”

Sex toy review: Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

The kind people at Satisfyer sent me a box of their newest toys (though not the male masturbator my husband was looking forward to testing). My experience with suction toys has not been great, at least not the Satisfyer ones I have tried so far (I have reviewed the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer Pro Penguin before). But I was willing to give these new toys a try. First up is the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration”

Sex toy review: Dona Kissable Massage Candle

Dona massage candle

I have always wanted to try a massage candle. The idea of hot wax dripping on me, only to be smoothed out as my partner massages me seems incredibly hot. Likewise I love giving massages, but because my hands are always cold, the inital shock of pouring cold oil on my husband’s back and starting the massage cold was always a bit of a hurdle. Hot oil from a candle seemed like such a better idea. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Dona Kissable Massage Candle”

Sex toy review – We Vibe Tango

We Vibe Tango in box

I am so excited! I received the We Vibe Tango from TooTimid, a sex toy company in the US, in exchange for a review. I had heard a LOT of good things about this toy from other sex bloggers who are also power queens, so I dared to hope I had finally found a clitoral vibrator that could satisfy me without any effort. Continue reading “Sex toy review – We Vibe Tango”