Sex toy review: Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

The kind people at Satisfyer sent me a box of their newest toys (though not the male masturbator my husband was looking forward to testing). My experience with suction toys has not been great, at least not the Satisfyer ones I have tried so far (I have reviewed the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Satisfyer Pro Penguin before). But I was willing to give these new toys a try. First up is the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration. (more…)

Sex toy review: Dona Kissable Massage Candle

Dona massage candle

I have always wanted to try a massage candle. The idea of hot wax dripping on me, only to be smoothed out as my partner massages me seems incredibly hot. Likewise I love giving massages, but because my hands are always cold, the inital shock of pouring cold oil on my husband’s back and starting the massage cold was always a bit of a hurdle. Hot oil from a candle seemed like such a better idea. (more…)