Coming soon! Completely Yours

I’m so excited to announce that my new full-length novel, Completely Yours, will be published in January! The cover was shot by Leslie Pitt and I love it SO much! The blurb:

What is the price of being true to oneself?

Caroline is on top of her game. Black Goddess, her company, is opening a store in New York, and a week away from the office is just what Caroline needs. In Toronto, she has to play the role of the prim, successful business woman, romantically linked with her business partner Daniel. But in New York she can be sexually free. It doesn’t hurt that this time, her attractive project manager Alisha is coming with them.

Alisha is attracted to both her bosses, but she is determined not to jeopardise her career. This determination is shaken when Caroline proposes a no-strings attached sexual relationship for the duration of the business trip. Unable to deny her feelings Alisha embarks upon a scorching sexual journey with Caroline.

Daniel is in love with Caroline. Knowing that their romantic relationship is nothing more than a facade with no chance of ever becoming a reality, Daniel decides to quit his job as Caroline’s business partner in an effort to protect his heart. All he has to do is survive the week in New York. But can he continue to deny his feelings, especially when Caroline needs him?

When the media makes details of Caroline’s sexual excesses public, Caroline, Alisha and Daniel must work together to save the future of Black Goddess—and their hearts.

And here’s the first chapter:

Alisha stifled a yawn. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d gotten up at five o’clock in the morning on a Saturday, much less for a business trip. Although the flight had only been an hour, she felt frazzled. The car had picked her up at home, but instead of taking her to the regular terminal, it had taken her to a private jet. A private jet! She—Alisha Freeman from Scarborough, Ontario—had flown to New York on business in a private jet! She still couldn’t believe it. It had been so luxurious. And now she was traveling in a limousine with her bosses Daniel Cole and Caroline Linwood to a penthouse apartment where they’d stay the week.

Caroline’s voice cut into her thoughts. “Here are the latest photos from the store. The decorators finished last night.”

As she leaned over to hand Alisha her iPad, their bare knees brushed. Alisha’s breath hitched as heat flushed her. She tried to stop her hands from shaking as she accepted the tablet. She did her best to focus on the pictures, but was suddenly very aware of Caroline’s scent—fresh and citrusy. 

She cleared her throat. “That looks beautiful.” 

She’d only been with Black Goddess for a month. It was her dream job—project manager at the successful beauty company focused on Black women. Caroline had commandeered her attention from day one and not just because she was the boss. She was gorgeous, oozing sex appeal. She wore her natural hair in a frizzy afro which made her look even taller than her five foot nine. Her skin was a deep dark brown, glowing no doubt from the expensive Black Goddess treatments she used. 

Alisha focused her attention on the photos. They were opening a store in New York, which was the reason for the business trip. The color scheme of the new shop was the same as all other Black Goddess locations—gold, cream and blue. The new shop looked even more glamorous, though. It would fit right in with the other high end stores in the area.

“Wow, that looks amazing.” She forgot her attraction to Caroline and leaned closer to her. “Look at that chandelier! And those floor-to-ceiling windows leave in so much light.”

“Let me see.” Daniel, who sat across from them in the limousine, stretched out his hand for the tablet.

Alisha handed it to him. His eyes flashed to hers, warm with a smile. The heat in her body intensified and she dropped her gaze.

“That turned out really well.” His voice was deep and smooth, like honey. 

She shifted in her seat. She knew it was ridiculous to be attracted to both her bosses, but she couldn’t help it. Daniel was incredibly hot. He was easily six foot three. He looked like he worked out constantly—muscles rippling underneath his perfectly tailored suits—even though he worked  long hours. She wondered when he’d ever had time to go to the gym. His hair was closely cropped and his eyes the deepest brown she’d ever seen. She could drown in them.

Caroline smiled at Daniel. “I’m so happy we went with those decorators. They were worth the extra money.”

“Absolutely. The opening will be fantastic.”

Alisha hoped he was right. There was still so much she needed to do before the event. She’d never worked as hard in her life as she had this past month—and that was saying something. But Black Goddess was unlike any company she’d experienced. Where she used to be pushed to the sidelines because of the color of her skin, she was now listened to. Weirdly enough, she’d had a hard time adjusting to her new reality. Her bosses listened to her ideas, took her seriously and had made her feel more accepted in one week than she ever had  after years of dedication at other companies. Which made her want to work even harder.

“We have a lot to do this week.” Caroline turned the tablet off and pushed it back in her handbag.  She rummaged in her bag and took out a tube of lipstick. She expertly applied it without the use of a mirror, something Alisha could never do.

Alisha dragged her eyes away from Caroline’s luscious lips. For a moment, she imagined what it would be like to kiss her. 

Keep it together, girl! She needed to focus on work, not on how Caroline and Daniel made her feel. Luckily she was enough of a professional never to show even a hint of her feelings. She could look at Caroline without dropping her eyes to those full lips she was desperate to kiss. Her pulse might race, her panties might be sodden at the end of the day, but she kept it together.

What she hadn’t counted on was a weeklong business trip to New York with both of them. And rather than stay at a hotel—where she could disappear into the privacy of her room—they’d rented an executive penthouse. It would make it easier for them to work together, Caroline had explained, oblivious to the storm raging in Alisha’s heart.

The limousine drew up in front of an expensive-looking apartment building. Alisha gratefully stepped out into the fresh air and took a deep breath, trying to steady her pounding heart. She hadn’t worked so hard for all these years to screw up this opportunity to land her dream job. The project manager role was only a contract position, but she hoped to impress Daniel and Caroline so much this week they’d offer her a permanent role. She wouldn’t be able to do that if she kept lusting after them.

The driver took their bags out and put them on the sidewalk. Before she could grab her suitcase, Daniel had taken the handle and pulled it up for her. He handed her the suitcase with a wink. 

Her cheeks flushed. Did he know what she had stashed in the bottom of her case? There had been a hairy moment at customs when the agent had asked her to open her case. She’d died a thousand deaths as she obliged, praying Daniel, who’d been standing next to her, wouldn’t see the cache of sex toys she had crammed in. She hadn’t thought he’d seen, but she wasn’t so sure now.

The toys were a necessity. A week together with two people she was sexually attracted to would be a disaster if she couldn’t blow off some steam in the privacy of her own bedroom, and the toys would help her with that. She needed to remain professional, so she had to find a way to keep her raging libido in check.

Caroline strode into the hall, Daniel and Alisha trailing behind her. She stabbed the button for the elevator. “We have the penthouse again.”

Alisha couldn’t suppress the feeling of glee that settled on her. A penthouse suite, no doubt overlooking Central Park! She’d never traveled with this much luxury. She almost wanted to pinch herself to make sure this was all real.

Stepping into the elevator, she stood as far away from Daniel and Caroline as possible. Their proximity made her too flustered.

When the doors opened on the top floor, Caroline strode out into the hallway of the suite. Alisha and Daniel followed her. When they stepped into the suite, Alisha stopped in her tracks and gaped. She’d expected luxury, but this was even better than she’d imagined. The carpets were lush and thick. The living room was generous with a seating area, a bar and even a well-equipped kitchen and dining area. The artwork was tasteful, yet impressive. She would have loved to move into the living room and gaze at the massive paintings, but she held herself in check. That could come later.

The floor-to-ceiling windows opened out onto a balcony overlooking Central Park. Alisha imagined herself sitting in the evening breeze, a glass of wine in her hand, chatting and laughing with Daniel or Caroline—or both. It was too alluring a thought. She pushed it away. She was here to work, not to socialize. 

She turned back to Caroline and Daniel. “So, where are the bedrooms? I think I’d like to shower before going to my meetings.”

Caroline threw Daniel a glance. “I’ll have my usual room. You and Alisha can figure out your sleeping arrangements.” With that, she disappeared to the back of the suite.

Alisha stared at her retreating back, at a loss for words. What on earth had that comment meant?

Completely Yours is now available for pre-order. It will be released on 22 January 2021 in both eBook and paperback.

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  1. Congratulations on the release of your novel. The cover is really beautiful and very stylish. I hope that the sales will be successful and you will find many new readers and admirers.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you very much. I’m really happy with the cover and glad I chose to get a photo shoot rather than a stock image.

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