Sex toy review: So Divine Thinkin’ Bout You Vibrating Bullet

So Divine Thinkin' Bout You in a box
I was sent the So Divine Thinkin’ Bout You vibrating bullet by Luv Bunny who has her own awesome blog, Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole. She was given this little toy by So Divine for an honest review, but as she knew this toy wasn’t right for her, she offered it to me for my review instead. This review is unbiased and honest.


There is not really much to say about the packaging. It’s a small box with a plastic insert in which the bullet lies. That’s it. I don’t really care, as I don’t buy my sex toys based on packaging. And especially if a toy is relatively cheap (the So Divine Thinkin’ Bout You vibrating bullet is only £7.99 from So Divine), I am not going to fuss about the package.

So Divine Thinkin' Bout You bullet in hand

The bullet itself

The So Divine Thinkin’ Bout You vibrating bullet is your standard small bullet. The website states it measures 3 inches and has a diameter of 0.6 inches. So really a toy for external use (seriously though: don’t put this inside you, it’s way too small and you wouldn’t want it to get lost). It’s made from ABS plastic with a silicone seal to make it waterproof. It has a nice feel to it. Not as soft as fully silicone, but not as smooth as some of my other hard plastic toys.

The vibrating bullet uses 3 AG14 batteries, which are luckily included as these are not the type of batteries I have lying around the house. Which might become a problem once the batteries run out. Maybe I should go out and buy some, I have been too spoiled with my rechargeable sex toys.
So Divine Thinkin' Bout You bullet with batteries

Ease of use

The So Divine Thinkin’ Bout You vibrating bullet is extremely easy to use since it only has one setting. So once you take out the little paper in the back so the batteries can connect all you have to do is turn it on and away you go. You just press and hold the black button on the back to turn it on and press and hold it to turn it off. Easy peasy.

I really don’t mind that this one only has one setting. I generally use one setting anyhow (and no, not always the highest!) and I never really like the patterns, so that is not an issue for me.

So Divine Thinkin' Bout You bullet

Pleasure factor

I am going to come right out and admit that this will not be my favourite bullet. It is a surprisingly powerful bullet, considering it’s only battery powered. As I said before, the single setting doesn’t in theory bother me, but for me the bullet wasn’t powerful enough. So in this case I would have preferred to be able to turn it up a notch.

The vibrations of the So Divine Thinkin’ Bout You vibrating bullet are not as deep and rumbly as I would like. I would describe them as buzzy rather than rumbly and this has the effect of numbing my clitoris before I can reach a proper orgasm. I found that if I pinpoint the bullet directly on my clit I can manage to orgasm, but it takes effort. It’s better if I use it in combination with a G-spot vibrator though.


Because the So Divine Thinkin’ Bout You vibrating bullet is waterproof it is very easy to clean. I like using my bullets in the shower, so I usually clean them with soap and warm water afterwards. The bullet is small enough to wipe down with a sex toy cleaning wipe if you’d rather do that. There are no strange grooves or ridges you need to be careful with, so it cleans up easy.


All in all I was not very impressed with this vibrating bullet. It may well appeal to others who don’t like strong, deep, rumbly vibrations, but for me this won’t work as a stand alone sex toy. I would have to use it in combination with hubby or a G spot vibrator. It’s cute though, and I think the single setting is still a good idea, but the vibrations would have to be deeper. It’s a well made toy and the price is very reasonable too, so I guess I can’t be too picky.

(I have to add this, although I realise it’s really petty of me, but I hate the name. Why can’t we use proper English?)

You can get the So Divine Thinkin’ Bout You vibrating bullet at So Divine for £7.99.

Thank you to Luv Bunny for sending me this toy to review and thank you for So Divine to providing Luv Bunny with these toys. If you are curious to see what else Luv Bunny received from So Divine, check out her blog post with all her reviews.

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