Erotic flash fiction – Imagination

I am bored and the journey home is tedious. In my bag is my latest purchase, a powerful wand massager which will be put to good use as soon as I get home. And no: not to massage my back.

Thinking about the evening ahead makes me horny. I never fail to get excited about some me-time. And ever since I invested in some sex toys, me-time has become a whole lot better. I can’t imagine masturbating without the help of a sex toy anymore.

I need to have some diversion, or this journey home will take an eternity. I look around the train carriage and catch the haughty eye of a striking brunette sitting a few seats away from me. She doesn’t look away but rather lets her eye travel over the length of my body, lingering on my breasts which are almost popping out of my low cut top. When she looks up again, there is a cold smile on her face.

I feel myself get hot. Should I feel embarrassed by her obvious attention? I don’t know what I should feel, I only know what I do feel. And what I feel is lust and excitement. I can imagine this woman strapping me to the bed, spread-eagled. I can imagine her gaze lingering over my naked body, inspecting me fully before taking my newly acquired wand massager and treating me to a full body massage.

My cunt is dripping now, but I don’t care. I love this fantasy and it will fuel my excitement for when I am home. I won’t be able to strap myself to the bed, but I can certainly tease myself until I beg for the force of the massager against my cunt, making me come over and over again. I know I can: I am horny enough.

My stop is called and when I get up and walk past the brunette, she caught my hand. I stop and look down on her.

‘Make it last as long as you can,’ she says, her voice harsh.

And even though I don’t know her and she has no way of checking whether I have obeyed her, I do exactly as she commanded.

Next time I am going to ask for her number.

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