A female Doctor Who: why this isn’t good enough


The news from the BBC that we are finally getting a female Doctor Who has been met with joy by all the sane people and anger by all the sexist people. Especially the white men with their fragile ego’s came out of the woodwork to lament the fact that an alien can’t be a woman. ‘It’s Time Lord, not Time Lady,’ they wailed, conveniently forgetting that Master became Missy.

Hurray for women!

I am thrilled that the 13th Doctor is going to be a woman. In my opinion, this is long overdue. The reboot of the series has already been underway for 12 long years; we should have had a female lead at least one, if not two Doctors ago. It will be great for girls growing up watching Doctor Who to see a woman in the role. But not only for girls. My two sons greeted the news that we are going to have a female Doctor with applause and shouts of joy. They are suddenly interested in watching it again.

But we can do better

While it is amazing that we now have a female Doctor, we can do better. Why do we still have a white Doctor? Why can’t the new Doctor be female AND POC? Do we really have to tackle sexism before we can tackle racism? With everything that is going on in Britain, and in the world in general, having the 13th Doctor be a POC female Doctor would be absolutely fantastic. If you are going to upset the fragile white cis men, you might as well go all out, right? Imagine it: a POC woman in the lead with a white male companion. That would be awesome. Sure, the BBC would get some heat, but it’s getting heat anyhow. And the BBC is a government subsidised body; surely it needs to be representative and inclusive.

By all means, celebrate the fact that we have taken a small step forward. But don’t forget we still have a long way to go before we can say we are truly inclusive. It isn’t good enough to think that just because we now have a female Doctor, we can be complacent. No, we must keep putting pressure on the BBC to be more inclusive. It is time to give the fight against racism the same weight as the fight against sexism, and in this instance the BBC could have countered both racism and sexism by choosing a POC female Doctor. That they chose a white actress instead speaks volumes.

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