Flash Fiction Friday – The sex machine

We are having so much fun with the sex machine. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t use it all the time. I may be multi orgasmic, but even my pussy needs a break sometimes. So when we do use it, it is all the more fun.
My favourite fantasy is to be fucked by a lot of different men. Men I don’t see, who simply take me for their own pleasure. I have never had the inclination to actually act out this fantasy as the thought of that many men taking me, that many different cocks with the potential associated risks, puts me off the idea a bit. But with the sex machine I can act out this fantasy without any risks.
Michael loves playing along. Don’t worry: he gets his pleasure too. I like to be bound when we play this game. Michael positions me on the bed, on my hands and knees. He binds my knees to the bed, spead out as far as I can. My hands are tied in front of me. For added excitement he blindfolds me. Now I am completely at his mercy.
‘So you want to be taken?’ he asks.
I whimper softly and nod.
‘You’ll be begging for mercy by the time we are done with you,’ he says gruffly.
He takes his time choosing a dildo from the selection we have. I never know what he will choose, but he always makes sure I am dripping wet before he starts. He strokes my pussy; feather light touches over my lips, my clit and my upper thighs. When I am dripping and trembling with anticipation, he starts up the machine. The familiar sound is enough to make me squirm with desire.
He brings the cock to my pussy and positions it at my entrance. He starts the thrusts, slowly at first, then harder until I scream with pleasure. My movements are restricted so I cannot get any respite. Cock after cock slams into me, making me come harder each time. Michael rubs my clit off and on, never consistently, so shockwaves of pleasure shoot through me. Now he rubs my nipple and I moan. My body is slick with sweat and I hardly think I can take anymore.
He stands in front of me and his cock brushes my lips. I greedily kiss him and take him into my mouth and down my throat. I moan as he matches his thrusts with those of the machine. I can’t touch him, but my mouth and tongue do all the work. I can barely concentrate on what is going on, everything is purely sensory: the cocks in my mouth and cunt moving at astounding speed now, making me come harder than before.
Then Michael moves away from me and turns off the machine. He loosens my bounds. Keeping the blindfold in place, he turns me on my back and plunges inside me. The machine is incredible, but there is no better feeling than a hot, throbbing cock. He seems to know exactly what I want and he slowly coaxes one more orgasm out of me. We climax together, his hot load coming deep inside my cunt.
He falls on top of me, his weight welcome.
‘Impressive,’ he tells me. ‘That was ten different cocks. You have quite the stamina.’
I remove my blindfold and smile up at him. ‘You have no idea.’

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