Flash Fiction Friday – mask

The masks afford us the illusion of anonimity. That’s all it is: an illusion, but it’s what I need. This is the first time I have ever been to a party like this. I almost wasn’t going to come, but Tara convinced me. 
‘You promised you’d go,’ she’d said. ‘I don’t want to go alone again and besides, you’ve pestered me for so long for an invitation.’
She’d been right, of course, and besides, I was still upset at my meeting with my boss. Self-righteous prick. Couldn’t stand the sight of a woman’s legs, so he had lectured me about his own made-up dress code. No skirts allowed, even the knee-length one I had been wearing today. I had always assumed it was a guideline rather than a rule, but he had threatened to fire me if I broke the rule again. I doubted head office would care if he did, the man seemed to be allowed to run our office the way he saw fit.
I clear my mind of the events of the day and look around the room. It doesn’t do to look to closely at what is going on, but the sounds of passion around me are very erotic. I want to join in, but am unsure where to begin.
Tara sits next to me, starts to undress me. I mimic her movements and soon we are both naked. There is no awkwardness between us, it is as if we have waited for this moment forever. Which may be true. We are a tangle of limbs, her mouth on my breast, my hand between her thighs. A hand touches my pussy, but it’s not Tara’s. A man joins us, his lips fastening on mine, his fingers testing my wetness. I am aroused and buck my hips into him. He gets the hint and starts running his fingers over my lips, finding my clit. I slip two fingers inside Tara’s cunt, my thumb on her clit. I don’t see what Tara is doing with her hands, but judging by the man’s groans, she has found his cock. We don’t speak, the only sounds are our grunts and moans as we bring each other to a climax. Tara moves away, I don’t see where to. The man moves between my legs.
‘No penetration,’ I say. I have to have this limit, but the man doesn’t seem surprised or annoyed. He merely nods and kisses his way from my breasts down to my pussy. His tongue finds my clit and I nearly scream when he flicks it. I am already so sensitive and the things that man proceeds to do with his mouth are incredible. I have never had oral sex like this. I lay back and don’t even pretend to be civilised anymore. I grind myself against him, getting him to apply more pressure to my swollen cunt. I ask him to stick two fingers inside me and he readily complies. He deftly finds my G spot and then I can’t think anymore, only buck and grind and scream. When I finally come down from my climax, the man is gone and Tara is next to me, kissing my sweaty forehead. Her hand is on my mound, gently rubbing it.
‘More?’ she asks.
I grimace and shake my head. I’m disappointed and elated at the same time. I had envisaged a whole night of debauchery and I am done after an hour. But it was glorious, so much better than I had ever expected.
Tara finds a blanket and covers me. I sleep for a while until we get dressed and go back home. I thank her profusely for convincing me to go to the party. I can’t wait for the next one.

My boss regards me coldly on Monday. I am wearing trousers, but still feeling rebelious they are skin tight. My blouse falls open to reveal the tops of my breasts. Deal with that, sucker.
‘Good weekend?’ he asks formally.
I nod, then stop in my tracks, staring at his face. The little mole on his chin. I had never really noticed it before, but it is quite distinct and I know I have seen it before. Recently. In a very different setting. Between my thighs.
I swallow, nod and flee to my office. Nothing will ever be the same.

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