Flash Fiction Friday #22 – The Sculptor

His hands trace the outline of her hip. He slowly makes his way up over her waist, making a detour over her belly, towards her breasts. Her nipples are erect, two buds standing proudly on the beautiful domes of her breasts. He caresses them lovingly, feels how hard the nipples are under his hands. He sighs at the perfection of her body.

He stays too long with her breasts, he knows it. They are so beautiful though, he cannot move on yet. Finally, after one last caress he moves to her neck, the hollow of her throat. Lightly his fingertips brush her throat, follow the path of her jawline up to her ears. He strokes her cheeks, the jutting of her cheekbone, brushes her closed eye lids. He can’t help himself, bends down and kisses her lips. Not a sigh escapes her.

He moves behind her, surveys the curve of her back, the twin domes of her beautiful ass. He caresses her skin from shoulder to ass, leaving nothing untouched. He takes his time, feeling the smoothness of her skin beneath his fingers. Her ass juts out, he lets his fingers graze the neat crack between them. She is slightly bent and he lets his fingers travel to that spot between her thighs, the slightly parted lips. He can’t dwell too long there, his hands move down over her silky thighs, the hollow of her knees to her ankles and feet.

He lets go of her now and stands back, looking at her properly. A sob escapes him as he sees the beauty of his creation. She looks just like she did in life; yet, at the same time she is so much more and so much less. She is forever perfect, her skin would never wrinkle with age. Her breasts would never sag. She would never get any lines. Yet he wanted that for her. He wanted the sagging, the lines, the wrinkles. He wanted her alive to grow old with him.

The sculptor puts down his tools and starts to cry. His beloved is dead, yet immortalised in his sculpture. He gets a sheet and gently drapes it over her, obscuring her beloved features. It is time to let go. Tomorrow he will sell the statue.

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