Flash Fiction Friday #23 On the rocks

Based on a true story.

sunset walk

‘The view is gorgeous!’

I looked out over the valley, the rocks and trees below me. The sun was at my back, illuminating the landscape in front of me. I turned to Anton.

‘Let’s do it here,’ I said, barely able to contain my excitement. It was the perfect place. The large rock in front of me could provide perfect support.

Anton scrunched up his face in doubt. ‘This is a public path, other people could pass by.’

‘Exactly.’ I pulled my shirt over my head and flung it to the ground. I wore no bra underneath and my nipples stiffened in the fresh air. Or was it from excitement? ‘Come on,’ I urged Anton and tugged at his belt. ‘It was your idea.’

He let me loosen his belt and I helped him out of his trousers. The bulge in his pants proved he was just as excited as me.

I wriggled out of my own shorts and kicked them aside. My panties followed. I kept my boots on, the ground was littered with sharp stones. The breeze on my soaked pussy was delicious. The risk of being seen only heightened my arousal.

I turned my back on Anton, spread my legs and leaned over the large rock. I wiggled my ass at him. ‘What are you waiting for?’

I looked over my shoulder at him and he grinned. He took off his shirt and boxers and grabbed my hips. ‘Are you sure about this?’

I nodded as his hand found my pussy, his fingers brushing my slit.

‘Oh, you are ready for me, aren’t you?’ he said, his voice husky. He grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him. His cock probed my entrance, my wetness coating my thighs. He slid his cock over my vulva, then found my entrance again and easily slipped in me. A sigh escaped my lips.

I pushed my hips back, meeting him thrust for thrust. His hands dug into my hips, his breathing ragged. I felt my climax build as his cock rubbed my G spot. My hand found my clit and I moaned at the jolt of pure pleasure shooting through me. My cunt contracted around Anton’s cock and I could tell by his erratic thrusts that he was about to come too.

Voices sounded on the path below us. Both of us were too far gone to care – or stop. With a glutteral moan Anton stiffened and I could feel his hot load shooting into me as I reached my own climax. We stayed still for a moment, panting, our bodies covered in sweat. Then Anton pulled out of me as the voices drew closer.

‘We better get dressed,’ he said unnecessarily. I nodded mutely and tried to find my underwear. After a few seconds of fruitless searching I gave up and pulled on my shorts and T shirt. Anton was just pulling on his shirt when a couple came around the bend. They stopped when they saw us, startled.

Anton grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the rock. ‘We better go,’ he said.

I followed him and as I passed the couple, I caught the one woman’s eye. She grinned, fully aware of what we had been up to. I grinned back and saw how she pulled her girlfriend close, kissed her and pushed her towards the rock.

With his semen dripping out of me, coating my thighs along with my own wetness, I walked down the path back to the car park.

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