Flash fiction Friday #24 – Punished

on the beach

‘What a scorcher!’

Laura looked up to see Sophie flop down on the sun lounger next to her. She had met Sophie on the first day of her holiday. The other woman had accompanied her husband to the resort and while he worked during the day, Sophie and Laura spent time at the beach and beside the pool. Talk had turned to sex quite early on; Laura couldn’t remember whether it was she or Sophie who had first brought it up. They shared their frustrations and their fantasies and when Laura confessed she had always wanted to have sex with a woman, Sophie did not hesitate, but pulled Laura to her hotel room where she proceeded to give Laura an experience she would never forget. Since then they had met each afternoon for sexual encounters which had become more and more intense.

As the other woman rubbed suntan lotion over her gorgeous, exposed breasts, Laura tried not to gaze. She could feel the familiar heat between her legs and she shifted slightly to relieve the ache in her cunt. She wondered what type of arrangement Sophie had with her husband. Did he know about Sophie’s afternoons with Laura? Did they have an active sex life or was Sophie driven to Laura because of her husband’s inattention? She hoped for Sophie that it was the former, as Sophie’s husband was gorgeous. Laura admitted to herself that he had started to feature in her fantasies when she masturbated at night, thinking of Sophie and him together. It was not something Laura had dared to ask about. After all, this was just a summer fling: as soon as they went back to their respective homes things would go back to normal. Although Laura didn’t want to think about a life without afternoon delight.

‘Could you come a bit later this afternoon?’ Sophie’s voice cut into her thoughts. ‘I have a surprise for you.’

Sophie smiled her dazzling, infectious smile and Laura couldn’t help but smile back. ‘Of course.’

Laura was slightly nervous when she knocked on Sophie’s door later that afternoon. She had spent too much time wondering what the surprise would be. She didn’t usually like surprises, she liked to prepare for what was coming. But she didn’t have to wait too long. Sophie opened the door and hugged her tightly. She kissed Laura long and hard and Laura was just wondering at the brazenness of her new friend when she spotted movement behind Sophie. She pulled herself out of Sophie’s embrace. Sophie pulled Laura in the room and closed the door.

‘Laura, I hope you don’t mind, Craig wanted to join us. Are you up for a threesome?’

Laura felt her panties flood with her wetness. This was exactly what she wanted and Sophie knew it. Laura had hinted at it often enough in the last couple of days. She wondered if Sophie had remembered the rest of her fantasy as well.

As if reading her mind, Sophie took her hand and pulled her close. She bent over and whispered in Laura’s ear: ‘I would love to fulfill the rest of your fantasy as well, are you up for that?’

‘Yes.’ The word escaped her lips almost unbidden, but it was exactly what she wanted.

As soon as she had said it, a transformation came over Sophie. She straightened up and her face became harsh.

‘So you want to fuck my husband?’ she asked.

The words, her tone, her face, all sent a new flood of wetness to Laura’s already sodden panties. She glanced at Craig whose trousers showed a telling bulge. Sophie stepped in front of her and pushed her back. Laura’s knees hit the side of the bed and she sat down heavily. Sophie towered over her.

‘It will be on my terms,’ she said.

‘Of course,’ Laura agreed.

‘Take off your clothes.’

Laura pulled her shirt over her head, unclasped her bra and let both fall on the floor next to the bed. She stood up to get out of her shorts and panties, but Sophie shoved her back onto the bed.

‘Stay on the bed,’ she hissed.

Laura tried to hide a smile. She loved being bossed around. She lay back and lifted her hips to pull down her shorts and panties. Her pulse raced as she tried to anticipate what Sophie had in mind. The temperature in the room seemed to have increased by ten degrees despite the air conditioning.

As soon as she was naked, Laura lay back expectantly. Sophie moved a chair to the foot of the bed and motioned for her husband to sit down. He did so with a grin on his face. He wasn’t as good at role playing as Sophie, that was obvious.

‘Spread your legs,’ Sophie commanded.

Laura did what she asked, conscious of her shaved, soaked pussy, but excited to be on display for Sophie and her husband.

‘What do you think?’ Sophie asked. ‘Is she acceptable?’

‘She’ll do,’ Craig answered, clearly getting into the moment.

‘I’ll warm her up for you,’ Sophie said. She rummaged in a drawer and came back to the bed with a giant dildo, a wand vibrator and a tube of lube. She looked down on Laura, a cold look on her face. ‘You asked for this,’ she said. ‘Don’t complain when you get what you wish for.’

Laura nodded and licked her lips. She liked where this was going.

Sophie switched on the vibrator and spread lube all over Laura’s pussy. Laura moaned with delight when the vibrator hit her vulva. She loved clitoral stimulation and knew full well what amazing orgasms the wand vibrator could give her.

The vibrator was strong and Sophie had it at the highest setting. It didn’t take long for the first orgasm to hit Laura. Sophie didn’t give her a chance to breathe, but pushed the dildo deep into Laura’s cunt as soon as the climax had subsided slightly. ‘You want my husband?’ she hissed menacingly. ‘Try this cock, hubby is a lot bigger than this. Let’s see if you can handle it.’

Laura moaned and pretended to move away from Sophie, but Sophie pinned her down. The didlo was huge and stretched Laura deliciously. She gave up her struggling and started rocking her hips in time with Sophie’s thrusts. Soon her second orgasm hit her and she arched her back with the intensity of it. This did not slow Sophie down though and she elicited a few more orgasms out of Laura by way of the dildo and the wand. By the time she was done, Laura was a quivering mess on the bed.

Sophie withdrew the toys and Laura whimpered at the sudden feeling of loss. ‘Turn around,’ she said. ‘On all fours, Craig will take you from behind like the slut you are.’

Laura could barely get herself in position, but despite all the orgasms, she found herself wanting Craig’s cock still. She felt Craig’s hands moved over her backside and cunt and she took a shuddering breath.

‘Fuck her hard,’ she heard Sophie tell her husband. ‘You will love her tight wet cunt, she is dripping for you.’

Craig laughed and then without warning pushed himself into Laura. Laura cried out – he really was huge. As he slammed into her, Laura felt even more stretched than with the dildo. She cried out again and then felt Sophie’s hands on her breasts, her fingers tweaking Laura’s nipples.

‘Is this what you wanted?’ Sophie asked.

‘Yes,’ Laura whimpered.

‘I can’t hear you. Tell me what you want,’ Sophie said.

‘Yes,’ Laura cried out, ‘yes, I want your husband to fuck me hard. Fuck me, Craig.’

She didn’t even care anymore how she sounded or whether what she did was acceptable. There was only the pleasure of a hard, massive cock inside her cunt and Sophie’s fingers manipulating her nipples.

‘Fuck, she is hot and tight,’ Craig grunted and Laura could hear Sophie laugh.

‘She’s a hot little slut,’ Sophie said. ‘Aren’t you?’ she added to Laura.

‘Yes, I am,’ Laura said, her breath coming in ragged bursts. ‘I am so hot for both of you.’

As if spurned on by her words, Craig picked up the speed of his thrusts. Laura had barely time to register her climax when it washed over her, her cunt contracting tightly around Craig’s cock while his thrusts became more erratic. She felt him shoot his hot load inside her and she collapsed on the bed, unable to take more.

Sophie rolled Laura onto her back and knelt between her legs. ‘Now for the best part,’ she whispered.

She lowered her head and Laura felt Sophie’s hot tongue lapping delicately against her cunt. She whimpered with delight as Sophie laved on her pussy until she had licked up all Laura’s juices and Craig’s semen.

Sophie lay down next to Laura and took her into her arms. Craig lay down next to her on her other side. Sophie smoothed Laura’s hair away from her sweaty face. ‘You did really well,’ she said. ‘That was so hot to watch. Now rest a while, and then you can pleasure me.’

Laura smiled, her whole body buzzing from the experience. ‘I’ll gladly return the favour,’ she mumbled before falling asleep.

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