Flash Fiction Friday #25 – Hot tub

A belated Flash Fiction Friday piece.

‘I can’t believe you have a hot tub.’ I sigh as I lower myself in the hot, bubbling water.

Sidney lowers herself next to me and moans with pleasure. ‘I needed this, my muscles are aching.’

We have come back from a long bike ride in the forest behind Sidney’s cottage and the hot tub works like balm on my aching muscles.

I close my eyes and rested my head on the edge of the tub. ‘This is heavenly.’

‘It is,’ Sidney says and her voice sounds a lot closer than before. I keep my eyes closed, letting her take the initiative. A moment later her thigh presses against mine. Instead of moving away, I move my leg further towards her. Her leg is smooth and firm and I want to stroke it, but I need to wait for her to make the first move.

I don’t have to wait long. Seconds later her hand is on my leg, inching upwards. A soft moan escapes me and I spread my legs in the hot water. Sidney takes the hint and strokes upward until at last her probing fingers encounter the slick folds of my pussy. She gasps and I lift my hips to meet her hand. And then there is no hesitation anymore. She spreads my pussy lips, her fingers fumbling in their haste to enter me. Her thumb circles my clit, her mouth finds mine at the same moment I thrust my hand between her legs. She is as wet as I, and silky smooth. I am more delicate than she is, I want to savour the moment before I, too, enter her. But Sidney is in a hurry and grabbed my hand, pressing her hips against my fingers so I have no choice but to push two of them inside her hot, greedy cunt.

We kiss and grope; hands in pussies, on breasts, thrusting, pulling, kneading, rubbing until we come together in one big climax: backs arch, legs stiffen and we cry out in passion.

Sidney brings me down slowly, her hand still rubbing my cunt, my vulva, my clit. She has pushed mine away from her pussy; she is done. Not me: I can come again and again, and Sidney gladly obliges.

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