Flash Fiction Friday – Sexual Awakening

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Sexual Awakening

Hannah had always been a good girl. As a child, she was quiet and obedient, following her parents guidance in everything. As she grew up, she went to the university her parents picked, enrolled in the studies her parents preferred and married the man her parents found suitable. It wasn’t that she didn’t have a mind of her own. She merely loved her parents and disliked conflict. It was easier to do as her parents wanted.

And her life wasn’t bad, she often reminded herself. She had everything: a rich husband, two children, a big house and a nanny. But somehow it felt like she was living someone else’s life.

Which is how she found herself in the gym every day. Boredom had brought her there, but something else kept her coming back. Or rather, someone else. Lisa was her age. Single, career woman, outgoing and fun, the two of them had struck up an unlikely friendship. Hannah timed her gym visits so they would coincide with Lisa’s. And lately they had been meeting for a quick juice after the gym. When Lisa’s hand lingered on Hannah’s ever so lightly, Hannah felt that familiar heat gathering in her belly. A heat she hadn’t felt for years.

Hannah initially dismissed her feelings. She had simply not had sex in a long time, she reasoned. Any human touch would send her spinning. It had nothing to do with how attractive Lisa was. But when Lisa invited Hannah to join her in the sauna, completely naked – ‘it’s just us girls’ she had said – Hannah could not deny the wetness flooding her pussy or the longing to kiss Lisa.

They were in the sauna again, Lisa sitting opposite Hannah, her legs slightly apart, offering Hannah a perfect view of Lisa’s smoothly shaved pussy. Hannah could not tear her eyes away and felt her own wetness coating the inside of her thigs. She shifted in an attempt to find some release and Lisa smiled.

‘Have you ever been with a woman?’ she asked.

Hannah licked her suddenly dry lips and shook her head.

‘Would you like to?’

Hannah nodded despite herself. Where was the good girl now?

Lisa got up and sat next to Hannah. She put her hand on Hannah’s thigh and slid it slowly higher. ‘Would you like me to touch you?’ she asked.

A moan escaped Hannah’s lips and she spread her legs. Lisa bent over to kiss Hannah and when her hand reached Hannah’s pussy she knew she had found herself.

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