Flash Fiction Friday – The Ritual

It wasn’t as if it was a big deal. The council had decided and I had no choice but to accept the decision. I was to be Lukshar’s companion for the night. It happened to all the women at one point in their lives, I just had not expected it to happen to me so early on. After all, I was only twenty and had not known a man yet. Most women had been married for a few years and knew exactly what was expected from them. Not me. I was completely in the dark.

Nevertheless, the women who prepared me acted as if it was no big deal. It was part of being a woman, get over it. Not very reassuring when this is your first time with a man, but their nonchalance did put me at ease, which was probably their intention.
They bathed me, rubbed my skin with luscious oils and braided my long, black hair. Then they lay me down and the older woman kneeled between my legs. I winced as the younger woman spread my legs and opened my pussy with her hands. It felt invasive, though her hands were gentle and warm. The older woman rubbed something all over my pussy and then she took a knife. Fear spread through me and I started to struggle, but the younger woman soothed me and pushed me back down. Her eyes were so gentle I decided to trust her and lay back down.
The older woman started to work between my thighs. With expert strokes she shaved off all my hair. I felt the embarrassment creep up my neck to my cheeks as my pussy was laid bare. Was this normal? Both women seemed to think so, which made me wonder if they themself had been with Lukshar.
Finally the older woman rinsed the remainder of hair and cream off and both women helped me up. I couldn’t help touching myself, marvelling at the smoothness of my pussy. It felt so liberating and exciting. I could feel every movement of my thighs rubbing together as I was led to the dressing area. The women dressed me in a beautiful garment, almost more like a body veil than a real dress. The outline of my body was clearly visible beneath the fabric, shimmering seductively. I felt sexy, powerful; feelings I had never had before. My fear was gone, replaced with excitement and anticipation. My pussy became wet and hot, my juices seeping out of me and coating my thighs.
‘You are ready,’ the older woman announced at last. ‘Now we leave you.’
I felt a momentary flash of panic as both women left me. What was I supposed to do? Was I expected to lie back down on the bed, waiting for Lukshar to come in and take me? Should I stay where I was?

The choice was made for me by the opening of the door, revealing Lukshar himself. His face lit up when he saw me and I felt like the most beautiful woman on earth. Heat flooded me and I would have done anything he asked of me.
He approached me the way you approach a scared deer; careful and with gentle movements. He took a tip of the veil and lifted it off my face.
‘You are beautiful,’ he said and his lips brushed mine. I closed my eyes and gave myself wholly to my demanding chief.

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