Flash Fiction Friday – Bound

‘Stand still.’ The man’s voice is harsh, commanding.

I do as he says and barely dare to breathe. Not because he commands me, but because I know that if this is not done correctly, I will be the one who will suffer.

The man starts binding the ropes around my body, moving my limbs were he wants them. I don’t resist; this is what I want. What I have always wanted, but had been afraid to ask for until now. The others in the room watch silently. I know Gail is among them, she has promised to watch out for me and I trust her. Which is why I can relax and enjoy the thrill of anticipation which drenches my pussy.

The man is finished. He steps back to inspect his handiwork. I am uncomfortable, but not painfully so. My legs are drawn up to my chest, my wet pussy on full display. Easy access. The thought of what these people will do to me excites me more than I thought it would. My cunt is throbbing with the need to be touched, to be entered.

The man turns to Gail. I can just see her at the edge of my vision. I don’t know the man’s name; his anonimity adds to the thrill. Gail comes over and stands in front of me.

‘You look gorgeous,’ she whispers. ‘You should see yourself spread out for everyone to enjoy.’

I whimper at her words. This is exactly what I wanted: to be on display, to be treated like a fuck toy. Gail and I have agreed on what is going to happen next, and the knowledge that I can stop this any time I want comforts me. She cups my mound, lets her fingers trail through my slit, flicking my clit ever so lightly. I moan and try to move closer to her hand, but my bounds don’t let me.

‘Patience,’ she scolds me. She turns to the others in the room. ‘She is ready,’ she announces. Once more her hand is on my cunt, spreading my pussy lips apart. ‘See how wet and ready she is. Let’s begin.’

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