Flash Fiction Friday – Companion

As Gary trailed kisses from her neck down her breasts, stopping to lave on her nipples before moving down to that sweet spot between her thighs, Sandra moaned involuntarily. He was good. He took his time, seeking out her erogenous zones and making sure she enjoyed everything he was doing to her.

He didn’t spend much time on her pussy, not more than a perfunctory lick before moving on, kissing the inside of her knee, sending sparks of unexpected pleasure through her body.

She sighed with delight as he slowly made his way up her legs, her inner thigh, edging closer to the spot she wanted him to be at. She had given up trying to take control of the situation, letting him explore her instead. It felt good, so sinfully good, to be treated like a princess, to be serviced by a man who knew what he was doing. And what a man! He was gorgeous: tall, muscular, his brown skin gleaming in the sunlight. How could a man like him end up with a girl like her, even if it was only for the night? He looked like he would have girls throwing themselves at his feet.

Sandra would have pondered this question longer, but Gary had reached her pussy and she lost the capacity to think. Where he had taken his time with the rest of her body, he wasted no time on her pussy. His tongue was strong and hard, exploring her lips and clit with and intensity she had not expected. She gasped as his fingers easily slipped between her labia, penetrating her hot, wet cunt. He found her G spot and the combined stimulation of his fingers on her G spot and his tongue on her clit had her writhing in ecstasy in no time.

Her first orgasm hit her hard, making her arch her back and clamp her thighs hard around his head. She moaned: a hard, gutteral moan that seemed to come from deep within her. With surprise she found herself ejaculating at the height of her climax; that had never happened to her with a client and she felt suddenly self conscious. She needn’t have worried, Gary didn’t relinquish his hold on her, his tongue never leaving her throbbing pussy until she was well and truly spent.

When she left – hours later than she had intended – Gary smiled at her and shook her hand almost sheepishly. ‘Thank you so much, I hope you don’t mind me taking so much of your time.’

Sandra smiled. ‘It should be me thanking you. I had a great time.’

The understatement of the year, she thought as she walked away on legs that felt like jelly. Sometimes her job really was the greatest in the world.

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