Flash Fiction Friday – The Library

The library is quiet; even the rustle of my pages sounds loud in the silence. I am not here to read though, I am here to catch Gary, my boyfriend. I suspect he has been meeting our mutual friend Tara here for reasons other than studying. I  just need confirmation. 

It takes a while, but eventually my waiting pays off. I see Gary get up from his spot and disappear into the reference section. I don’t bother trying to conceal myself; this whole time he has only looked at his book and at Tara. A few moments later Tara follows him. I give them a bit of a head start before I, too, disappear into the reference section.

I move stealthly as I don’t want them to know I am following them. I needn’t have bothered. As soon as I am deep enough into the library I can hear their soft sounds of passion. They don’t take too much caution not to be heard, which confirms for me that this is not the first time they have done this.

I creep forward and peek around the corner. My eyes widen at the display in front of me. Suspecting this was one thing, actually witnessing it is completely different. Tara is completely naked, her dress and underwear discarded on the floor. Gary is kneeling in front of her, one of her legs slung over his shoulder. He has his face buried between her legs, the fingers of his one hand frantically moving in and out of her cunt. Tara’s head is bent backwards, an expression of bliss on her face. She moans softly as Gary eats her out.

I had expected this evidence of my suspicions to make me angry, but instead, I find it extremely hot. I can feel the heat between my legs, the gathering of wetness in my panties. I can’t help myself and I move my hand under my dress and inside my panties. I rub my cunt, now throbbing with need, and plunge two fingers inside my hot, wet core. Using the fingers of my other hand too rub my clit I time my thrusts with Gary and soon Tara isn’t the only one moaning. With my eyes fixed on Tara’s face I make myself climax at the same time as her.

We moan together and I don’t even bother being discrete. Gary whips around as he realises they are not alone anymore and for a moment his face registers horror when he sees me. Then he notices my flushed face, my hands still working beteen my legs and he smiles wide.

‘Joan, would you like to join us?’ he asks.

Tara opens her eyes and smiles at me too. She stretches out her hand to me. ‘I have longed for this moment,’ she says. ‘I hope you are not mad we didn’t ask you sooner.’

I step towards her and kiss her deeply. ‘I am mad,’ I tell her. ‘And as punishment you will both have to fuck me.’

Maybe I should have thought of a better punishment as Gary and Tara enthusiastically set themselves to the task given. But as they both worked on getting me as much pleasure as possible, I couldn’t think of another time I had this much fun in the library.

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