Fun in the library

This is a continuation of last week’s sexy Masturbation Monday story. You can read this as a stand-alone story, but why not treat yourself to both hot tales?

woman in library

I had had a hard time concentrating on my work the next day. The librarian looked up when I came in, a smile on her lips. She was wearing a name tag today – Katy. Her name wouldn’t leave my mind all morning and my cunt flooded with anticipation.

By lunchtime I almost considered calling it quits, but I had too much work to do and Katy wouldn’t join me until the end of the day. It wasn’t as if she could leave in the middle of doing her job just to satisfy me. I stepped out for a quick sandwich, then firmly banished Katy out of my mind as I concentrated on work the afternoon. I would have loved to banish all thoughts of sex from my mind as well, but the subject matter of my thesis dealt with sex in Victoria times, so my whole afternoon was spent reading about sex. My lust had reached critical levels by the end of the afternoon.

A cough made me look up from a particular salacious passage. Katy stood by the table, a grin on her face. She looked nothing like the shy librarian who had spied on me the previous day. I felt a thrill of excitement as she walked towards me.

“The library is closed,” she said. She reached behind her back and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor as she walked. She was naked underneath and I couldn’t breathe.

She walked around the table and pushed my chair back. I couldn’t stop looking at her perfect body: the roundness of her belly, the shaven apex of her thighs. I wanted to reach out and spread her soft thighs, but I felt paralysed. She lifted herself onto the table and shifted back. Her gaze held mine and now it was my turn to feel shy.

“Why don’t you undress and show me again how you like to touch yourself?”

I nodded mutely and stood up. I quickly shrugged off my dress and peeled off my panties. My nipples were rock hard with desire.

Katy lifted her legs and planted her feet on the table, her cunt now exposed and in full view. She was wet, her bare labia glistening with her lust. As I watched, she pushed her lips apart with her fingers, affording me a good view of her hot core.

“Show me,” she commanded, her voice low.

I sat back in my chair an put my legs on the edge of the table, next to hers. As I slid my fingers through my wet slit, Katy mirrored my movements. A groan escaped me when my fingers encountered my clit, the bud throbbing and aching to be touched. I gave it a few quick rubs, but I didn’t want to come too soon.

“Two fingers inside, wasn’t it?” Katy asked. “Go ahead, show me how wet you are.”

I didn’t need much prompting and plunged two fingers in my greedy cunt. I didn’t take my eyes of Katy’s cunt, in which she pushed two slender fingers. I curled mine against my G-Spot and I felt my climax rise. I knew it wouldn’t take much after the day I had had.

Katy moaned and thrust her fingers in her cunt. Drawing them out, I could see how wet she was. We were both dripping on the library furniture, but neither of us cared. I loved looking at Katy’s cunt: the perfect pink lips sucking against her fingers, her clit protruding from its hood, the curve of her thighs framing it all. I ached to bury my head between those thighs, my mouth sucking her perfect cunt.

“Now be a good girl and make yourself come,” Katy said. “Play with your clit and when you’re done I will let you kiss my cunt.”

I gasped and brought my other hand to my cunt. My fingers found my clit and I started rubbing it hard, my fingers of my other hand thrusting in and out of my cunt. My body was taut with tension, but not for long. My cunt convulsed as my orgasm hit me and I moaned loudly.

“Show me,” Katy commanded and I withdrew my hand from my cunt. Katy leaned forward, one hand on the arm of my chair as she watched my cunt throb from the orgasm. She kept her other hand on her cunt, writhing and moaning as her own orgasm overtook her. She screamed and leaned back and this time it was my turn to watch. Her cunt flooded, spilling the fluids of her orgasm all over the table and it was all I could do to hold back from bending over and licking her.

When her orgasm had subsided she sat up and smiled at me. “You can kiss me now,” she said.

I didn’t need any more encouragement. Leaning over, I pushed her thighs wider. I bent over, smelling the intoxicating smell of her sex. I buried my head between her thighs and kissed her cunt, lightly running my tongue over her slit. She sighed and then pushed me away.

“Let’s not go any further today,” she said. Her face was flushed from passion, her hair slick with sweat.

I couldn’t help but groan with disappointment. I had wanted to lick her clean, explore every inch of her sex with my tongue. I was ready for another orgasm myself, but Katy hopped off the table and picked up her dress.

“This was fun,” she said. “Will I see you again tomorrow?”

I nodded mutely. I definitely wanted more sessions with Katy. Suddenly working on my thesis didn’t seem so dreadful anymore.


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4 thoughts on “Fun in the library”

  1. Oh I wish working on my thesis had been this interesting. Katy is turning into a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Lovely!
    Indie xx

  2. And every time I read “Show me” the whole scene just got sexier and hotter. You’ve hit a hot button for me…one I don’t indulge in thinking/fantasizing about all that often. But clearly I should. 🙂

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