Guest post – How I Met My Husband by Tiny Sparks

Today I’m welcoming Tiny Sparks on my blog, who shares her account of when she met her husband. It’s very hot and I’m really happy that she has agreed for me to share this on my blog.

We’d been talking on a BDSM platform and decided to meet up. I invited him to my apartment. I know safety first but I was in a period of my life where impulsive behaviour was the norm. I’d say, don’t do what I did even though it turned out great, It could’ve turned out ugly.

He arrived dressed in a beautiful suit and tie. I could tell it wasn’t a cheap suit and immediately I felt a certain attraction to his obvious dominance. We talked about little things with a glass of champagne that he’d brought with him. Favourite music, are love of karaoke and eventually my little experience and his vast experience in the BDSM world.

When I confessed I wanted to try bondage and impact play, he went to his car and took out three bags of ‘tools’. One bag was full of rope, another had metal clamps and other things I couldn’t identify at the time. The third bag had a flogger, a cane, a riding crop and a paddle. I got wet just thinking about all those things being tried out on my body by Him.

We went to my bedroom and he spread eagle bound me to the four-poster bed. I was blindfolded. He started lightly exploring my body by caressing me with each impact device after which he slapped my belly, breasts and pussy a few times. It didn’t hurt much and I was super wet already. He brought out a fairy wand and attacked my clit with it with accurate precision, making me cum twice.

He rearranged my body so I was belly down now. The crop, paddle and cane were used a few times on my buttocks and I surprised both him and myself when I came. Quickly and efficiently, he undid the rope from my ankles and wrists and manoeuvred my body into the position he wanted before ripping away the blindfold. His trousers and suit vest had disappeared. He crawled on the bed holding my legs up. When he was above me he put my legs on each shoulder and opened my pussy to make it easier to penetrate. His girth was thick and I came undone again. Pumping into me a few times he took my feet to his face and bit down on my heel, making me clench around his cock. He grunted and came. Another glass of champagne later, he told me that he’d love to see me again. I was the first woman he bound to a bed for the first time that had a smile of bliss on her face when being tied. He’d taken pictures and promised to show them later.

We kissed, and that was the start of our D/s relationship, which stayed in the bedroom or at events but not shown to the outside world.

About Tiny

Tiny Sparks is the nom the plume of an author of erotic and romantic short stories.

She was raised and born in England but moved to Germany where she met her other half. Her husband and their special relationship are the inspiration for her erotic short stories.

The first two short stories have been raved about as ‘Fast and hot action. Can’t wait to read more’ and ‘Steamy read!’.

The stories offer sexy fantasies with a personal knowledge of the BDSM world. She is active on Twitter and is happy to share her knowledge on there and her website.

She has an arsenal of other like-minded stories ready for release in the near future.

Book 1 in the Billionaire Boss series called: The Boss‘ Contract (Free from 1st of July – 5th of July)

Book 2 in the Billionaire Boss series called: The Boss‘ Client

Book 3 in the Billionaire Boss series called: The Boss‘ Dungeon

Book 4 in the Billionaire Boss series called: The Boss‘ Collar

Snow and her Seven Firemen

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