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There are so many articles out there with advice on how to create the best blog, get the most followers and be popular among the – mostly WordPress – blogs out there. So I thought I would add my 2 cents to that.

Write what you know

Now, the advice to write what you know is usually given to writers of novels, but I think it applies to bloggers as well. When you start blogging, it will seem like the world is at your fingertips. At the same time, the breadth of topics you can write about can become overwhelming. So stick to what you know, what you have experience with. Do your research if you write about a topic you are less familiar with. And be open to learning new things.

Be true to yourself

As much as it is good to keep an eye on trends, you need to be true to yourself, first and foremost. Write about topics that interest you, rather than topics that you think may draw readers to your website. If you don’t enjoy writing your articles, it is going to show and it will put readers off. You can’t please everyone, so make sure your blog is a place YOU feel at home. Readers will find it and if your voice is true and honest, that will appeal far more than an article about a popular topic. I know how tempting it is to write what you think people will want to read, I made the same mistake trying to write my latest novel and I had to scrap it and start again. Write from the heart.

It’s not a popularity contest

It is very tempting to measure the success of your blog by the amount of followers you have. Especially when you are on and you can track the amount of followers and likes your blog (and posts) get. But if you gain followers because you are just copying popular blogs out there, your blog isn’t going to last long. You should create your blog for you in the first instance. Be passionate about what you write, create a space where you can be creative in your unique way and the readers will follow. If your blog doesn’t reflect what you are passionate about, you will struggle to continue to write articles and your blog will eventually die.

Create quality content

All of the above does not mean you can be sloppy in your writing and just fling whatever onto your blog. You still want to make sure you create quality content, you want to put thought into your articles and do your research where necessary. And make sure your spelling and grammar is as good as you can get it!

 Technical specs are important too

Having said all that, you do want people to actually find your blog and be able to read it. Taryn from has run a blog series about SEO for sex bloggers, which is helpful to find out how to structure your posts to draw in more readers. And you need to make sure your website is easy to read, works on all platforms (mobile, desktop etc.). But none of that will help if your blog is not a reflection of who you are and what you are passionate about.

In conclusion

Create your blog for you. As long as you are happy with your articles, and passionate about your topics, you will keep writing and creating content for your blog. You might not please everyone, but your blog should not exist to please everyone. Above all, have fun!

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