I bought cute panties!

I’ve only participated in Lingerie is For Everyone twice, because I didn’t really own that much nice lingerie. Most of my panties are sadly very practical and not really sexy. But I recently went shopping and got a few nice panties (and some bras), so here is a peek at one of the pairs of panties I bought. I really love it (and so does my OH), so I thought I’d share.

I’m hoping to participate in this meme a bit more often – taking sexy selfies has really boosted my self-esteem, so I’d like to continue with that.

Lingerie is for everyone

7 thoughts on “I bought cute panties!”

  1. Gorgeous panties! Remember, the meme isn’t just about the cute undies, it’s about how you feel in them, so never be shy to share practical or less elaborate lingerie – and interpret lingerie however you like! If it’s something you wear under things, I think it counts! I’m so happy to read that selfies are making you feel good and I hope to see you on #LiFE more in the future! xo

    1. Isabelle Lauren

      True, but my more practical panties are really not nice and I wouldn’t want to take pictures of those. I like how this meme has inspired me to get nicer lingerie.

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