Flash Fiction Friday #21 – Katie’s reward

This is a continuation of Flash Fiction Friday #19.

It was time for Katie’s reward. I pushed Katie on her back and grinned at her quick intake of breath. Now that my own urgent need had been if not quite sated, then at least lessened, I could concentrate on her. I had no idea what her experience had been, but I was determined to give her an earth shattering orgasm.

Her legs trembled when I spread her knees wide. I took my time to examine her pussy, it wouldn’t do to dive right in. She had an unruly blond bush at the apex of her thighs, out of which her inner lips peeked shyly. Her wetness coated her thighs and I breathed her musky smell. I knew exactly what I was going to do. No delicate strokes to take her to her orgasm, she would find out what I was capable of.

I pushed her knees to her chest, exposing her pussy completely.

‘Stay there,’ I commanded.

Her eyes – those huge, green eyes – narrowed slightly and she licked her lips. I moved to the bedside table where I had laid out my tools. I picked my largest G spot vibrator and a tube of lube. That would do.

When I turned back to the bed I was pleased to see that Katie indeed had not moved at all. Her knees were still drawn up to her chest and her cunt was dripping even more. The anticipation heightened her arousal. Good. I wanted her horny as hell for what I had in mind.

I took my place between her thighs and lowered my head to her pussy. I roughly pushed apart her lips and followed up with a delicate lick, starting at her oozing hole and ending with a firm flick of her clit. I was rewarded with a delicious moan. I forgot myself for a moment and laved on her pussy, licking up her wetness, sucking on her clit until she was writhing underneath me.

‘Now for the good stuff,’ I said and I was surprised to hear how husky my voice was. This was making me turned on.

Katie lifted up her head and her eyes widened at the sight of the vibrator in my hand. ‘That thing?’ she asked, a tremor in her voice.

I grinned. ‘You’ll love it,’ I promised her.

I took my time lubing up the vibrator, applying some onto Katie’s pussy as well, pushing a finger inside her. She gasped and tried to squirm, but I pushed her down. I positioned the vibrator at her entrance and turned it on. Katie moaned. I slowly pushed the vibrator into her wet cunt, marveling at how her pussy stretched to accommodate its girth. It didn’t need to go in deep to hit the G spot and once I judged I had gone far enough I increased the vibrations.

Katie’s moan turned into a scream. ‘Fuck yes!’

She tried to buck her hips, but once again I pinned her down. I was in control. I angled the vibrator more against her G spot and watched as Katie unraveled. I could have stopped at that. The vibrations on her G spot would have been enough to make her come screamingly. But it wasn’t enough for me. I lowered my face and my tongue found her clit. Katie’s moans became loud, incoherent. I could feel her orgasm mount, and I didn’t give her any respite. Sweat dripped off her and finally, with a load scream, she came, squirting all over my face.

I withdrew the vibrator from her cunt, and decreased the pressure on her clit. I licked her pussy, slowly bringing her down from her climax. Then I lay next to her, cradled her in my arms and kissed her.

‘You did really well,’ I told her. ‘I am very proud of you.’

‘That was incredible,’ Katie murmured, burying her head in my neck. ‘Thank you so much.’

I kissed the top of her head and held her as she fell asleep.

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