Book review: Legends of Lust by Sadie Black

Legends of lust cover

Legends of Lust by Sadie Black is an erotic fairy tale novella set in a land far, far away.

What’s it about

Once upon a time there was a very naughty fairy tale…

King Gregory’s beautiful and voluptuous new bride is the toast of the Kingdom of Sukkonia. That is, until a wicked sorcerer invades the queen’s bedroom in the middle of the night, whisking her away in nothing but her silk nightgown. Only Sir Richard of the Lance, the king’s loyal (and very well-endowed) champion stands a chance to win her back. Aided by the haughty redheaded lady-in-waiting Delmar and his hapless squire, Corin, Sir Richard is in a race against time to find and rescue Queen Aureola.

But when Sir Richard finds the queen, she is locked up deep in the sorcerer’s dungeons and wearing little more than chains and a loincloth. Suddenly, Sir Richard realizes that he is facing a challenge that may be too much even for him: resisting the allure of the king’s extremely sexy and half-naked wife!

Will the well-endowed knight and the buxom queen be able to resist their urges? Or will they ultimately succumb to their forbidden desires?

Use of language

Legends of Lust is a self-published book. Now, normally I don’t care whether a book is self published or published traditionally, but with this book it is clear that this is merely something the author wrote for fun and put on Amazon in the hopes that other people will read it. It is books like this that give self-published erotica a bad name.

First, the book could have done with a good editor. Scrap that, a good editor would have changed this book into something completely different, but let’s tackle each problem in turn. There are quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes and duplication of words which a second pair of eyes would have taken out. Then there is the cringe-worthy place names, like Sukkonia, Strokington and Koochillik. Talk about laying on the pun thickly. I don’t remember the last time I rolled my eyes this hard at a book.

Then there is the hair-raising use of euphemisms for genitalia. I realise that this part of writing erotica is difficult. However, there are lots of words you can use which still sound erotic. “Cunt flaps”, “meaty flaps” are definitely not among them. Reading that I become revolted, not aroused. Not really what you want when reading erotica.

The problem with the plot

I can overlook problems with language – to a certain degree – in a book if the plot is amazing. The plot of Legends of Lust does not fit that description. While on the surface there does not seems to be anything wrong with the plot – queen gets abducted, knight has to rescue her – the whole rescue of the queen is so problematic.

It’s never really clear why the evil sorcerer Mordred abducted the queen or why he wants on knight to come and rescue her. Or what the trials are that the knight will have to overcome to get the queen back. There is also a lot of rape in this book. Mordred enchants the queen a number of times so she is out of it while she is being raped, but that does not make it any better. Even the knight is “forced” to rape the queen which he does not seem to be too reluctant to do.

And when it’s all over and they are safe? You’d think the knight would get his queen safely to her husband, considering the trauma she has been through. No, they first frolic in a waterfall and have sex again. This time consensual though.

Overall verdict

I regret offering to read Legends of Lust for a review. I always find it hard to write a negative review if someone has kindly sent me their book for free, but I unfortunately cannot recommend this book. There is so much good erotica out there, don’t waste your time on some that is at best cringe-worthy and at worst rage-inducing.

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