The librarian

Blogging is going slowly these days, I have a lot of personal stuff going on. As it has been a while since I posted some fiction, here’s a little story from me, which taps into my interest in voyeurism. If you enjoy erotic fiction, check out my fellow Summer 100 bloggers E.T. Costello and May Moore.

I sighed and rubbed my eyes. Studying Victoria porn for three weeks was starting to take its toll. Not in the sense that I was disgusted, on the contrary! I was getting slightly horny. I chuckled to myself. “Slightly horny” was definitely an understatement, I was raging with desire. And I needed to do something about the throbbing ache between my legs before I could carry on with my research.

The library was quiet. It was a beautiful hot day: only the most dedicated people remained in the library. I slid a hand under my dress and my fingers sought out my aching cunt. I was glad I had continued my tradition of not wearing underwear, it made what I was about to do so much easier.

I groaned as my fingers encountered my wet sex. The sound seemed loud in the stillness of the library and I held my breath. What if someone had heard? But the library remained quiet, and I continued my exploration of my own cunt. It had been a while since I had masturbated and I wondered why. Sliding over my protruding inner labia, my fingers briefly dipped into the well of my desire, spreading my wetness all over my cunt. I’d forgotten how good my wet cunt felt underneath my probing fingers.

I wanted to take it easy, really savour the moment. I knew I could be discovered at any time; after all, my spot in the library wasn’t particularly private, but this only heightened my arousal. I leaned back into my chair, both my hands now on my cunt. I slipped two fingers of one hand inside my greedy hole, while my other hand busied itself with my clit. It felt so good – the waves of pleasure coursing from my clit outward, the fluids of my desire dripping down my hands and legs.

A small sound made me look up. At first I couldn’t see anyone, but then I spotted someone standing behind one of the bookshelves. The face that peered through on of the gaps was that of the young librarian, her face flush, her mouth the shape of a soundless “O”. She caught me looking and he flush deepened, but she didn’t leave. Without taking my eyes off her, I slid my dress up all the way and spread my legs, giving her a full view of my cunt. I slipped my fingers out of my cunt and brought them to my lips. I slowly licked my own juices off my fingers. The librarian licked her own lips, her eyes two pools of desire.

I kept my legs spread and used my hand to spread my labia wide. The librarian’s eyes lowered to my cunt and her face contorted with passion. I lifted my feet and planted them on the chairs next to me, while at the same time tilting my hips to expose myself more to her. My fingers never left my clit and I could feel the tell-tale signs of my orgasm building in my lower abdomen.

I leaned sideways slightly and caught the rest of the librarian behind the shelves. She had a hand between her legs, over top of her clothes and she moved it around slowly, as if hesitant. Her hesitation only spurned me on more and I moaned properly now. Working my hand furiously on my clit, I brought myself to the brink of orgasm. Panting, I looked up in her face and then made myself come, a load moan escaping my lips. I was past caring, this situation was so hot I didn’t want to hold myself back. The librarian bit her lips while her eyes widened. Then she turned abruptly, leaving me breathless and satisfied.

I sat up and pulled my dress over my legs. It took a while for the shaking to stop and I grinned to myself. It had been a good afternoon, but I didn’t think I’d be able to do more research. I gathered my books and walked towards the exit. I stopped at the librarian’s desk. The woman still looked flushed, but she met my eyes boldly.

“Will you come again tomorrow?”

I wasn’t sure whether she meant it as a double entendre, but I smiled and nodded. “Maybe you will join me tomorrow?”

She flinched, but didn’t lower her eyes. “I would love that,” she said so quietly I wasn’t even sure I had heard it properly.

I smiled and nodded at her. “See you tomorrow then.”

My heart was lighter than it had been in a while when I left the library.


14 thoughts on “The librarian”

    1. Isabelle Lauren

      Thank you so much, voyeurism is definitely one of my favourite fantasies, although I am not sure I am brave enough to masturbate in public.

  1. There is always a time and a place for horniness, prefereably here and now!

    Read between the lines, look through the shelves… Sizzling story Isabelle!

  2. Isabelle, this grabbed me in the worst (the best) way, your furtive masturbation style at first so matched my own that I really got in the moment. When the Librarian was spied everything ratched up a gear and as our heroine got more blatant I definitely felt twinges! Lovely! Did just what it promised on the tin! Yes please, a follow up would be lovely!

  3. Sexy patrons and librarians unite! I visit my local library at least once a week…not sure I’m going to look at anyone the same way again. And I love it!

  4. Such a sexy story, I’ve flashed my tits to a lover in a library but never tried anything like this. Now I know what I’ve missed… More please.

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