Not everything women do is for the benefit of men: a rant

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Sorry, I just have to rant a bit. This rant has been brought on by a tweet that has done the rounds on Twitter recently. I can’t find it anymore now, but it was a beauty tip or make up account saying that research shows that men like women with less make up. That tweet was infuriating enough, but so were some of the responses to the tweet.

Men are not the centre of our universe

First of all, the tweet was infuriating because it assumes that everything women do is for the benefit of men. Men, it implies, are the centre of our universe, and everything we do is geared towards attracting the male species. Some of the responses to the tweet rightly pointed this out. Why should we care what men think of our make up application? Some women like to put on a lot of make up, some women don’t use make up at all. It is a personal choice, that’s all.

The responses of the men showed a totally different story. They all seemed to say that if women didn’t care about what men thought, why did they wear make up at all? Why did they even bother then? The implication of these tweets is very worrying, as these men seem to think that women only like to look pretty for men.

Women are individuals with their own opinions

I know this is a shocking revelation to some men, but women are individuals with their own opinions. We function quite well without a man telling us what he thinks or wants or finds attractive. I love wearing high heels, whether it be in the office or when I go out. They are usually uncomfortable as hell, but they look gorgeous so I put up with the discomfort. I put up with it, because I love how I look and feel when I wear high heels. I couldn’t care less what men think of them, I don’t wear high heels for men.

It is the same for anything that women do. Why can’t men get it into their tiny little brains that maybe dressing nice, putting on make up and wearing great shoes is something we do for us? Because it makes us feel better? Not because we attract men. If my husband takes care dressing in the morning I don’t immediately suspect that he wants to attract women. I see a man who takes care of himself – for himself. He doesn’t do it for my benefit, but for his own. Why should it be any different for women?

Go take your ego elsewhere

So men, if you think that women take care of how they look in order to appease you, go away and take your ego elsewhere. We couldn’t care less for what you think of us. We can exist perfectly well without your opinion. And I will say the same to whatever research person is out there: stop “researching” what men think of women. We don’t care. We’ll do our own thing, live our own lives and we’ll be quite happy doing so.

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