March Round Up

How has March come to an end already? I hadn’t realised that it was the end of the month yesterday, so I hadn’t prepared a monthly round up post. So here it is.


I enthusiastically started writing my next book only to come to a grindng halt about 30k words in. I realised that I had the time period wrong, and the change from Regency era to the roaring twenties required a revision of my outline as well. I have just started writing the new version of this book and already I am having a lot of fun.


Not as many blog posts this month due to the fact that I was very busy with writing and personal stuff. I am conscious of the need to write a few more book reviews, but I have not really kept up with reading much lately, so that may have to wait until I am finished writing my next book. I will have a few product reviews coming up, as I have bought some more sex toys – yay!


Moving house really is very stressful, even if you have a month to do it. It’s almost over though. I have reignited my sexual spark in the last few days, even so much as to go out and buy a glass dildo and another vibrating bullet. Will put a review of both items on the blog in due course.

Looking forward

April is going to be busy as well. I will have to finish my novel as I am running out of time. I am going on holiday for a week, so have to make sure I bring my laptop with me so I can write every day. I hope to continue with my sexual rediscovery, giving all my toys a good workout. If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter, where I am quite active.

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