May Round Up

It’s the end of the month again and therefore time for another monthly round up. It’s been very productive and I am particularly happy with a few accomplishments. Read on…


I managed to do a complete edit of my WIP #1 and while it’s not 100% perfect yet, it is in as good a state as I will get it. I have send my query letter, synopsis and a number of chapters to the agent and publisher I am going to meet at the Winchester Writers’ Festival next month. I am excited and very scared.


If you are reading this, you have found my new home – welcome! I decided to self host my blog as I didn’t want to be dependent on anymore. The website was far too slow for my liking and as I hope to become more popular, I thought now would be a better time to change website address rather than later. I am still trying to figure out how I want to change the blog, so you may see some changes over the coming weeks/months/


On a personal level I don’t really have much news. I had a fun business trip to the Netherlands where I did loads of masturbating in a very expensive hotel room.

Looking forward

Next month is going to be busy. I need to edit and revise my erotic novel to send to the reader of the New Writer’s Program of the RNA at the end of the month. It’s not due until September, but as I am going to be away most of the summer, I decided it’s best to get it in early. I have a lot of great ideas as to how to make the book much better, so that is going to be exciting.

I am also starting the Summer 100 Blog Challenge next month, during which I hope to blog every day and feature fellow sex bloggers on my site. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “May Round Up”

  1. Hi Isa. Andy M from Twitter. I enjoy your blog and your writing style. I also am writing but am only half way through my novel and it’s non erotic – well it does heat up in parts!
    Keep up the good work as I find your openness and exploration both interesting and arousing…thank you!
    AM 👍😍

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