July Round Up

Once again, *insert lamentation about how fast time flies and how I can’t believe the next month is here again* it’s time for the monthly round up. I am not sure how well I did this month, but let’s see, shall we?


My writing has not progressed much, which is a real bummer. I have finished reading through my erotic novel and have made notes for improvements, but that’s as far as I got. I hope that the rest of my holiday will be more productive, as I have not had that much time to sit down and write.


My involvement with the Summer 100 Sex Blogging Challenge is still going strong and I love having met so many other sex bloggers. The challenge has forced me to think a bit more about topics I would like to address and I am particularly proud of some of my posts this month, such as my rant on how not everything women do is for the benefit of men, or how companies should stop trying to make us feel like our pussies aren’t good enough.

I still enjoy testing and reviewing sex toys, and have had the privilege of testing some really great toys, such as the Tantus Rumble or the Ovo D5 Mini Vibrator. I have more reviews in the works, which I will post when I am back from holiday (as I need to take pictures of them still).


July was a good month personally, especially since it ended with a holiday. Things are always busy leading up to the holiday, and the last weeks of the kids’ school term bring with them performances and goodbye parties. Oldest son is going to secondary school after the holidays, so it was sad saying goodbye to his school.

I also dyed my hair blue, something I have wanted to do for twenty years. It was a lot work as I did it myself: two rounds of bleaching my hair and then dyeing it blue. But the end result is spectacular and I have never been happier with my hair colour. I won’t maintain it, as it’s so much work, but it’s fun for the summer holidays.

Looking forward

August will be relaxing in the sense that I will still be on holiday for the first two weeks and will go on holiday again for the last week. So while it will be personally relaxing, I will have to plan my blog posts carefully to keep up my blogging schedule.

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