Morning fantasy

I wake up from a sex dream, wet and needy. You’re asleep next to me, lying on your back, your arm flung across your eyes, your breath even. You’re naked, the sheet only partly covering your delicious body. 

I’m too horny to go back to sleep. Careful not to wake you, I spread my legs and slide my fingers through my folds. It never fails to arouse me to feel myself this wet. I pump my fingers in and out of my pussy a few times, then press them against the puckered entrance of my ass. I’ve recently started training to take a butt plug up there and I have the irresistible desire to slip my smallest training plug in. 

I grab it from the bedside table, and push it in and out of my pussy to get it lubed up. It doesn’t take much effort to get it into my ass and I groan at how deliciously tight I feel.

But I want more. You’re still asleep, but I draw back the sheet and confirm what I expected. You’re semi hard, a drop of pre-cum leaking from the tip of your cock. I lick my lips, and then kneel beside you. I take your cock in my hand and bend my head over it. Licking the pre-cum from the tip, I whimper with need. You stir, but don’t wake up. 

As I slide your cock deeper down my throat, you make the most delicious groaning noise at the back of your throat. Usually you are an animal in bed, and I love that about you, but right now you’re vulnerable. You’re in my power as I close my lips tightly around your shaft and start sucking you. 

You don’t stay asleep long, and as soon as you wake up, you take charge. Grabbing a fistful of my hair, you push me deeper onto your cock. You’re now fully erect and I struggle to take you deeper into my throat. Gagging, I come up for air, but you don’t allow me much time to take a breath before you push me down again.

You let go of my hair and run your hand along my curved back. I smile as you cup my ass and then your fingers touch the plug and you hiss in a breath. The next moment, you grab my hair and pull me upright. Before I can react, you’ve pushed me onto the bed and you’re between my legs, your tongue caressing my folds. I moan as you grab the plug and twist it in my ass. Pleasure shoots through me and I crave a quick orgasm. 

But you have other ideas. You pull the plug out and replace it with your tongue. There would have been a time that would have horrified me, but no longer. You’ve taught me how to love anal play and I’m swept up in a torrent of pleasure as you feast on my ass. 

As my first orgasm tears through me, you push the plug back in and settle between my legs. Pushing my thighs apart, you press your cock at my entrance. I gasp as you slowly breach my entrance. The plug makes me incredibly tight and for a moment, I’m worried you’re not going to fit.

But then you’re in, the head of your cock pressing against my G-spot each time you thrust. You claim my mouth, kissing me hard as you plow into me. I cling to your back, opening myself for you, giving myself completely over to the pleasure you inflict on me. You take me hard, almost brutal, but your kisses tell me that you care, that you’re doing this for me. You want me to feel what it’s like to have both my holes filled, and I welcome the almost painful stretch in my ass and pussy. My pussy tightens against your cock and the relentless pressure of your cock on my G-spot sets off an intense orgasm. 

You make me squirt, and I flood the bed with my juices. You grin and whisper, “Good girl. Make a mess for me.” I come undone and as you feel me squeeze your cock, you can’t hold back any longer either. With a shuddering breath you unload deep inside me, my pussy milking the last drop from your throbbing cock.

You pull me on top of you as your cock softens inside me. Kissing the top of my head, you whisper, “You did so well. Next time it will be my cock in your ass.”

I am so blissed out, I don’t even blanch. I snuggle up to you and kiss your jaw. “Anything for you, Daddy.”

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