Nice bras are uncomfortable

I love this bra. I love the colour, I love the lacy bits and the peekaboo cut-outs between my breasts. But what I don’t like it how uncomfortable it is.

Sometimes I feel bad, because these days I wear bralets, if I wear anything at all. And my husband loves seeing me in a nice bra (especially the one pictured). But I find nice bras so uncomfortable. The lace always itches, the underwire pokes me in the side and the bra straps are always either too loose or too tight. Maybe I just need a good bra-fitting, but I think I’m just not destined for nice underwear.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love dressing up for my husband. But when I do, I do it right before sex when we’re already in the bedroom. I have my sex-underwear, which he loves. He just doesn’t really get to unwrap me and find a surprise sexy lingerie set underneath. Usually, when he undresses me, there’s nothing underneath and that’s fine too (just kidding, that’s more than fine. He loves easy access to my body).

I have accepted the fact that I’ll never be the type of woman who wears sexy lingerie underneath her clothes on a daily basis. And that’s fine. I much rather am naked underneath my clothes. I find that a lot more comfortable, and a lot sexier. I have a feeling that my husband agrees with me on that!

Lingerie is for everyone
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Can I spend the night with him knowing he will likely leave me again? Is a night of total sexual abandon worth the price of a broken heart?

2 thoughts on “Nice bras are uncomfortable”

  1. Yes I’m not great for wearing a bra for any length of time … but do enjoy how special a nice, lacey, sexy bra makes me feel.
    And yours looks very pretty on you !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. violet fawkes

    I could not agree more with everything you’ve said here. The prettier a bra is the more likely it is to stab you in the ribs or scratch or pinch. I’m a bralette gal myself and I went through the same feeling of “womp wommmmp, have I given up?” but you know what? Comfort matters! And comfort begets sexy, so you do you! Great pic!

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