The problem with writing erotica: entangled limbs

Writing erotica can be a challenge. I recently wrote my first erotic romance novel. This was by no means the first novel I have written, just the first erotic one. I had read quite a bit of erotica before, so I didn’t think it would be too difficult. Boy, was I wrong. I will share some of the lessons I learned in this post and others to follow.

Entangled limbs

As I am starting to edit my novel, I can tell right away the areas I am having difficulties with. As my stories involves threesomes and one orgy (that is, I believe it was only one, could be more), that is quite a few limbs to keep track of. And I don’t always do a good job. Which is why I sometimes end up with my heroine simultaneously being fingered by her male lover and licked by her female lover. Which sounds plausible until you realise the female lover is being taken doggy-style by the man.

Keeping it all straight

To keep it all straight I play the scene in my head like a movie. Where is everyone? What is everyone doing to whom? And because I am writing from a first person POV: can my heroine see everything she describes? Writing – and editing – those intense sex scenes can be exhausting, and very arousing. Needless to say, hubby has benefited greatly from my new writing genre.

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