Reflection time – be bold

Dance like no one is watching.


I love that saying. I try to live by it as well. I love dancing and I do far too little of it. I don’t really go out dancing that often anymore – really only at the office Chrismas party – but when I do, you can’t get me off the dance floor. And I don’t care who watches. It has always been a dream of mne to learn how to pole dance, but I am too old and weak to learn that now. Alas, a missed opportunity.

I love dancing at home as well, much to the amusement of my family. And singing, I also love singing. I often wish I could live my life as a musical, singing everything. I sing in a choir, which is nice, but I would love to sing a really big solo on stage some time. Unfortunately I am not quite good enough for that.

I also try to live by the saying in a figurative sense. I try to live life on my own terms, regardless of what other people think, regardless of their judgement. And I try to do it in writing: write like no one is reading. Not quite like that, as I of course hope someone will eventually read my writing, but to write for myself first and foremost, and to ignore the (imagined) judgement of non-yet-existent readers. I find it very hard to drown out that part of me, the part that judges what I write despite the fact that I enjoy the writing. And I am not talking about writing that could hurt someone (like racism) or a plot full of holes. I am talking about writing erotica. There is nothing wrong with writing about two consenting adults loving, liking and wanting each other. Pleasuring each other. Regardless of gender.

I just need to shut up my inner critic and write.

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