Review: Ann Summers Tingling Lube

Ann Summers Tingling Lube bottleWhen I bought my Ann Summers Climax Rechargeable Power Bullet Vibrator I also bought some lubricant. I asked the ladies for some advice (as I was quite new to different lubes) and they recommended the Ann Summer Tingling Lube as it would make my clitoris tingle pleasantly.


The Ann Summers Tingling Lube comes in a big tube (if you buy the 100ml one). It stands on the lid, so you can put it on the headboard for easy access, if you have a broad headboard like I do. The lid flips off quite easily to enable you to squeeze whatever amount you need out of it.

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The Ann Summers Tingling Lube is quite thick. You have to squeeze the bottle hard to get something out of it and it then comes out in a big blob. You only need a small amount if you are only going to use it on your clit, so you have to be careful that you don’t get too much of a blob.

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My experience

I didn’t like the Ann Summers Tingling Lube very much. I have only used it once and the experience was such that I didn’t want to use it again. I wish I had bought the small size lube (the 50ml one) to try it out initially as now I am stuck with a bottle I am not going to use. It’s a shame really, as the consistency of the lube is great: it’s thick and slippery and could have been great for solo play.


The reason I didn’t like the Ann Summers Tingling Lube is because of the ingredients. The way the tingling effect is achieved is by putting menthol in the lube. Now, if you were only to use it on your clit and nowhere else, it could be nice, I suppose. The problem with me is that I never concentrate solely on my clit, even if I am using a clit based toy. I love involving my vulva as well and having menthol come in contact with my vulva is not great to say the least. For hours after use my whole pussy felt like it was on fire. I have since learned not to use lubes with too many chemicals.


I will not use the Ann Summers Tingling Lube anymore, but if you are able to focus solely on your clit, this lube may feel great and tingly. I cannot in good conscience recommend it though, as it’s generally not a good idea to add stuff to your pussy that could potentially hurt you.

Should you think the Ann Summers Tingling Lube is for you, you can buy it at Ann Summers for £8.

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