When I tried to get my debut novel The Insatiable Jane Travers reviewed by various book bloggers, it struck me how many bloggers specify they won’t review erotica, erotic romance or even books with LGBTQ characters. So I’ve decided to add a Book Review section to my blog.

What will I review?

I’ll review erotica and erotic romance. I’m happy to review any and all pairings, as long as all characters are human. Fantasy is just not really my jam, sorry. I’m just starting these reviews so bear with me as I figure all this out. I’ll update this page with my preferences as I go along.

Indie/self-published writers are given priority as I think we should all support each other. However, please make sure your grammar and spelling is good and have it as edited as it can be, because nothing is more difficult to read than a badly written book.

What won’t I review?

I won’t review any novels that are not sex positive, or which are misogynistic or (borderline) abuse. Consent must be clear and enthusiastic. Consensual non-consent should be clearly consented to. I reserve the right to refuse any novels which don’t align with my preferences.

How to request a review?

In order to request a review, please contact me via my Contact Me page and tell me what your book is about. I’ll review books in MOBI format.

I won’t have a points or star rating, but will be clear about what I liked and didn’t like about your book. If I really hated it and/or couldn’t finish it, I’ll let you know and I won’t post the review. I don’t believe in writing horrible reviews just because a book didn’t resonate with me.

I won’t accept payment for my book reviews.