Seeing is Believing

This is the result of the second collaboration between Alina and me, written as a series of DMs on Mastodon. Unlike last story, this time I am not identifying who wrote which part. I’d be curious to see if you can tell who wrote what.

“Hello! Its great to see you again,” said Alina as she pulled up in the car to where Isabelle was waiting. She was bang on the time for the arranged meeting at the cinema. But did Isabelle notice the cheeky smile that flickered across her lips as she said hello this warm early evening? Isabelle, quite naturally, made to get in the front but before she could take a seat Alina added, “Do you mind popping in the back?” Isabelle looked puzzled but Alina didn’t offer any further explanation. “Yeah, OK,” she said, before taking her seat there.

Pleased that the first step of the plan had worked, Alina drove off. But not towards the cinema. “Where are we going?” Isabelle asked, a nervous hesitation in her voice. “Nowhere to worry about,” the driver replied. “But there is just one more thing. Put this blindfold on,” Alina said, handing something back to her. Isabelle, heart now beating a little faster, complied. A few minutes later the car stopped. And someone got in beside her.

Isabelle was nervous, but tried not to show it. Alina had been good to her the last time they’d met. She’d had so much pleasure, she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it. So she should trust her this time.

But it was difficult as there was now a third person involved. This had not been the agreement, but then again, Isabelle hadn’t specified what she’d wanted from this encounter. She’d left it open as she had wanted the thrill of the unknown.

They drove in silence for what seemed like ages. Neither Alina nor the mystery passenger said anything until the car stopped. Alina and the other person got out. Then Isabelle’s door opened and a strong hand gripped her upper arm. “Get out.” It was a deep male voice and a shiver ran down Isabelle’s spine. She shouldn’t be surprised that Alina had invited a man, but it added a layer of danger she had not prepared herself for. From what she had seen of Alina, this would not be a gentle, romantic encounter. Anything could happen.

Alina was well aware the cogs were probably now running at high speed in Isabelle’s head. Which, of course, was exactly as she wanted it. “You remember how last time I asked you to trust me, Isabelle?” asked Alina, very deliberately. “Well it applies equally this evening,” she continued. “This evening is all about shared pleasure so let go of all your stresses and fears and allow yourself to experience all your desire hopes for. And don’t worry about my extra friend. He is here merely for our ecstasy.”

Isabelle nodded her agreement as she was led round to the back of the car and asked to clamber into the rear. She was made to lay on her back in the estate car, its rear seat hastily laid flat to facilitate a whole human body. Her head was overhanging the end of the car, resting on a rolled up blanket that had been put under her head to save her from hard surfaces. “Reach up your hand,” said the male voice, and, as Isabelle did, she did she soon felt a growing penis.

She tentatively held the cock in her hand, clumsily stroking it at first. The man grunted and Alina murmured her approval. “That’s right, stroke him until he’s really hard.” Isabelle’s confidence grew as the man groaned, his sounds erotic and exhilarating. She tried not to worry about the size as there didn’t seem to be an end to its growth. Most partners Isabelle had been with had been average in size and she tended to prefer it that way. It was safer. But tonight was not the night to play it safe.

Determined to claim some of her agency back, she licked her lips. “Can I have a taste?”

A soft gasp from Alina told her that the other woman hadn’t expected this, which she loved. Tonight she wanted to be wild and while she liked to let Alina lead, she’d ask for what she wanted too.

“Open up.” The man sounded excited and Isabelle opened her mouth wide. The tip of the cock slid past her lips and she relaxed her jaw to allow for his full length to slide inside.

“Just remember the golden rule, Isabelle,” said Alina as she watched the cock disappear. “You must not take the blindfold off whatever happens. If you do, our fun is over and I’ll take you home.” She flashed a smile at the man whose dick was now balls deep in Isabelle’s mouth and knew he was deliberately testing her ability to take a fuller beast than she was used to. But Isabelle, so far, was holding her composure. As he withdrew in an effort to get a more rhythmic pumping going to fuck her mouth, he noted the sticky spit that now coated his length.

Alina, meanwhile, had clambered inside the car and her hands went up inside the dress Isabelle was wearing. Her panties were quickly disposed of and Alina set to work lapping at Isabelle’s fertile cunt, eliciting moans from Isabelle that were muffled by the girthy meat lollipop she was sucking. “What kind of dirty bitch takes cock in the back of a car whilst getting her cunt eaten?” asked Alina, rhetorically, No one replied.

It was dirty and vulgar to be used like this. Alina was right: what kind of person did this? She was truly a dirty bitch, but she felt proud of it. She’d wanted to be far away from the kind of person she’d been forced to be her whole life. Right now, she wanted to be used, her holes stuffed.

Alina was skilful with her tongue and pleasure shot through her. The thick cock in her mouth made it occasionally difficult to breathe and she started to feel lightheaded. Alina pushed three fingers into her sopping cunt while sucking on her clit and she could feel her first orgasm build. She moaned and drooled around the cock, which only seemed to spur the man on to fuck her mouth harder. Not being able to see the man made everything even hotter and a few moments later, her orgasm tore through her. Her cunt clamped on Alina’s fingers as her whole body shuddered.

Alina chuckled. “Didn’t take much to make this filthy bitch come. Tonight is going to be so much fun.”

Alina then instructed Isabelle to change positions. Now she was to kneel on the edge of the car, bum sticking out, and as she complied she felt the man’s hands on her hips, guiding her. As she gingerly backed up, her loss of sight heightening all other senses, she suddenly felt the tip of the man’s hard, spit-covered dick touch her bum. Meanwhile, she could hear Alina moving too and she realised why as she felt her legs slide either side of her and her head was pushed forward between Alina’s legs. Her smooth snatch tasted as good as she’d remembered.

But it was as the big dick she’d prepared slid inside her that she really came to life. “Is he wearing a condom?” Isabelle suddenly blurted out, perturbed. “He is not,” replied Alina. “But I told you to trust me, remember?” Isabelle made to say more but her face was pushed back into pussy and she didn’t want this to end before it had even begun. So she allowed the man to continue with his smooth strokes and hoped for the best.

The man had started slow, but soon his thick fingers dug hard into the soft flesh of her hips as he fucked her harder. His girth stretched her almost painfully, but she relished at being filled so much. Meanwhile, Alina pushed her head harder against her pussy and it was all her could do to suck and lick Alina’s smooth folds and her pert clit. Alina’s breath became ragged, which made Isabelle even wetter than she already was. She wished she could see Alina’s face, but her sounds were sufficient for now.

The man’s coarse fingers moved over her ass, massaging her ass cheeks as he pounded into her. He sucked his finger, then pressed the now wet digit against her puckered hole and pressed it inside. She yelped with shock, but the man didn’t give her much time to recover before he forced another digit inside. She felt extremely tight now, the two fingers pumping her ass making it even tighter for his thick cock to plough her cunt. It was all very dirty and extremely arousing.

When Alina squirted from Isabelle’s ministrations, the latter squealed in surprise as the jet sprayed her mouth and dripped off her chin. But she didn’t have much time to think about it as the man withdrew his dick from her dripping cunt and prepared to put it in her ass. Isabelle knew what was coming and shivered briefly with the anticipation. She had no idea where she was and, suddenly, the thought came over her that people could be watching. That would be just like Alina. But these thoughts were soon replaced by only one: her ass being stretched as the slick, wide member entered that tightest of cavities.

Alina, meanwhile, moved away. As Isabelle felt the man picking up the pace as he pumped her ass, she quickly got into her strap on before getting back inside the car. As smoothly as she could, she slipped beneath Isabelle and positioned the dildo under the recently vacated hole. “Steady as she goes,” she said to the man, who slowed down briefly. And Alina slid home.

Isabelle screamed with shock as both her holes were now filled tighter than she could have ever imagined. Her head spun, the blindfold forcing her to feel all the sensations of the two cocks filling her up. She’d never experienced double penetration before and she found it hard to keep her breathing under control as Alina and the man started fucking her in tandem.

It took a while for the discomfort of being stretched so much to give way to pleasure, but as she got her breathing under control, the sensation of two hard cocks stroking the delicious nerve endings in both her cunt and ass made her weak with pure ecstasy. Both cocks pressed hard against her G-spot and she moaned and cried with the force of the dual sensation. Her cunt clamped around the dildo as her ass received a good pounding and she started losing control. Her cunt gushed as she squirted, but neither Alina nor the man showed any signs of slowing down their dual pounding.

They didn’t stop until the man filled Isabelle’s ass with his slimy ball juice and she didn’t need to hear his loud groans to realise he was coming as she felt his dick pumping cream in her tight rear hole. On all fours over Alina, as she was, she suddenly felt the other girl’s arms around her and lips were pressed against hers in frenzied kisses. She responded in kind.

Next, however, she was asked to gently ease herself out of the back of the car, avoiding banging her head on the tailgate, and invited to completely disrobe. Hands helped her rid herself of her dress and someone unclipped her bra. She was now as good as naked, stinking of sex and somewhere she didn’t know. She felt the man’s hand on her arm again and she allowed herself to be led forward, her shoes the only things she still had on.

As they walked, she imagined by now for at least a minute, she began to hear voices talking. It sounded like at least 2 more men. But then she heard women too. What the hell?

She could only imagine how she looked, cum dripping down her legs, her face wet, her hair in disarray.

“You’re here!” she heard a woman exclaiming. “Finally! We’re all looking forward to having her.”

“Did you start without us?” a rough, male voice asked, sounding annoyed.

Alina chuckled. “We had to warm her up.”

Isabelle shivered, despite it being warm outside. It was clear what the intention was here, and she wished Alina and the man hadn’t warmed her up first. She’d already had two orgasms. But that didn’t deter Alina. Giving Isabelle a push, she said, “She’s all yours now. Have fun.”

Isabelle had a moment of panic as hands grabbed her and forced her to the ground. Her legs were forcibly spread and fingers were thrust inside her cunt and ass. It was hard to tell how many men and women were touching her, pulling on her nipples, shoving fingers and cocks inside her mouth. Just as she considered protesting, she heard Alina’s voice near her ear. “I’m right next to you. Just trust me.”

Isabelle then felt hands lifting her up and she was carried a few paces and laid on what felt like a blanket or sheet on the ground. Oil was poured onto her body and hands rubbed it in everywhere, her shoulders, her breasts, her belly, her thighs. She enjoyed the sensation of multiple hands on her skin and willingly turned over when asked so the process could be repeated on her reverse side. Turning back over again when the job was done, someone climbed on top of her. It was an equally oiled Alina who whispered, “Surprise!”

Alina then commenced kissing Isabelle again and people took up positions around the couple. Isabelle her felt her legs eased apart and someone’s hard dick pressed inside her. She also realised that someone must be standing over Alina too as she stuck her arse up, obviously in anticipation of receiving something. Alina soon started rocking on top of her and so Isabelle realised she must be getting fucked as well. Suddenly, she felt something in her hair.

Someone grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her head back. Alina continued raining kissed on her neck as a cock was forced past her lips. She was too stunned to do anything but keep her mouth open as the man thrust his cock in and out of her mouth almost at the same pace at which the cock in her cunt was ploughing her. On top of her, Alina seemed to be getting the same rough treatment, judging by the force with which she was being rocked back and forth.

Alina and Isabelle’s tits were sliding over each other, their nipples rubbing against each other, creating even more intense sensations. With the blindfold on it was hard to judge what the other people were currently doing, but Isabelle could imagine a ring of spectators around them, each member of the audience jerking themselves off at the erotic spectacle in front of them. To her surprise, this vulgar use of her body by men she’d never met before while her friend was being fuck on top of her made her wild with heat.

Cum suddenly shot across Isabelle’s face. She could tell because she immediately recognised its taste in her mouth. Alina then altered her position and placed her ass over Isabelle’s mouth. “Eat it out, slut!” Isabelle was hungrily informed as the hot wet ass pressed into her lips. All the sensation was beginning to overwhelm her and not least when, for the second time today, she felt a second dick entering her free hole. Or was it a dildo? Blast this damn blindfold! She couldn’t be sure.

Alina, meanwhile, was encouraging whoever was fucking Isabelle’s two sex holes to give her a good seeing to. “Put cum in her,” she would say as she greedily rubbed her ass in Isabelle’s face, the latter trying to keep up. Isabelle didn’t realise it, but she was moaning quite loudly. In fact, she only realised it when she heard one of the voices say, “This is the best livestream we’ve ever done” and then everything became horribly present as she realised she was being broadcast online!

Under any other circumstance she would have been horrified, but she was too far gone to care. Her blindfold gave her enough anonymity and the thought that unknown persons were jerking off to seeing her being fucked senseless was surprisingly hot. The relentless fucking continued, with both cocks in her holes stretching her and pounding her. Alina nearly suffocated her, but she welcomed how this made it impossible for her to dwell on her situation. She was forced to feel every sensation without analysing what was happening.

As if to sweeten the deal, Alina’s deft fingers ran over her clit and her folds, at first tantalising, but then focusing intensely on the tiny bundle of nerves. She moaned and cried as her whole body spasmed with the next orgasm. Whoever was fucking her cursed and shot his load deep in her cunt. She could feel it drip out and coating the cock in her ass. Which turned out not to be a dildo as that man, too, dumped his load in her other hole.

Isabelle now had cum everywhere and it mingled freely with the oily slick sweat she had produced in the summer evening heat. Alina then indicated that she wanted to be bottom and so, inelegantly with Isabelle blindfolded, they swapped positions, Isabelle’s dripping holes now being lowered over Alina’s face. Cocks were quickly put into Isabelle’s hands and she stroked them as best she could whilst another was presented to her mouth. Somewhere below her she felt something vibrating pressed against her clit and that combined with Alina’s tongue working on her holes started to build a fire once more. “This looks great!” said one of the voices whilst yet another, a woman’s voice, said, “She should do this more often. She’d make a fortune!”

But Isabelle was not concerned right now with money. She was concentrating on the feeling that was building once more inside her. She wanted to flood Alina’s face with her ecstasy and piss it all over her. She was abandoned to ecstatic joy.

Sucking greedily on the cock in her mouth, less concerned with giving pleasure than with having something to ground her in the moment, she gave herself over to Alina. Alina feasted on her holes, licking up the cum that dripped out of her in copious amounts. The vibe made her cunt pulse and contract, not enough for another orgasm, but enough to push most of the cum out into Alina’s eager mouth. She was grateful now for the blindfold. She wanted to stay in this state of semi-suspension. A world in which nothing mattered but the tension building in her cunt, the taste of a well-used cock in her mouth and hands stroking her tits, her hair, her limbs. Her mind was free from the constraints of what was sexually acceptable and she was finally able to revel in the ecstasy of being treated like the filthy whore she always knew she was.

As the cock in her mouth was pulled away, a stream of cum hit her chest and tits and at that moment, she gave in and came explosively all over Alina’s face.

Alina supped hungrily at that most sacred cups, making sure to capture every last drop. She was intensely aroused by how well Isabelle had embraced a situation she feared she might have recoiled from in horror, panicked, and refused to go on. But, instead, as she had fervently hoped she would, Isabelle had abandoned herself to it. And that made Alina so incredibly horny. She was already a very willing whore but there was definitely something about helping others become the same way that was extra special to her.

But there was one last act to go before this particular livestream was over. “Nearly done,” said Alina to Isabelle as she urged her to get up and then lay down once more. “Who wants to make Isabelle airtight?” Alina then asked the group and soon Isabelle felt a cock wanting entry to her mouth and yet more dicks sniffing out a way into her sex holes. “Give me the camera,” said Alina eagerly and soon she stood over the libertine wife as she got pumped three ways.

Isabelle didn’t have any energy left. She lay prone while her holes were being used by men eager to dump their loads inside her. This evening had been beyond anything she could have imagined and a small part of her was repulsed by the fact she had enjoyed it so much. Even now, as all three of her holes were being used, she didn’t protest, didn’t put up a fight or tell Alina she’d had enough. Even though there was no chance of her climaxing again, she allowed her ruined body to be used until the men had satisfied their urges and moved away.

Alina crouched next to her and brushed her sweat-soaked hair out of her face. “You did so well. The footage of your evening of debauchery is going to be amazing. I’ll be sure to send you a copy.”

Despite everything, Isabelle craved to see the footage, and she knew that she’d make herself come over and over by watching herself being debased. This night she’d crossed a line, and she knew she could never go back to her prim and proper self.

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