Sex toy review: The Dodil

Dodil accessories
When I first saw images and tweets about the Dodil coming out, I was really excited. The Dodil is a mouldable dildo which you can shape in any form you want. And when you are sick of the shape, you can just change it up again. It’s such a novel idea and I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself. Luckily for me, the very kind creators of the Dodil agreed to send me a sample in exchange for an honest review.

Dodil in thermos

The particulars

The Dodil is made of body safe silicone with a length of 18.6cm and a diameter of 4cm before you mould it. The shapable part of the dildo is 14.6cm. Only the bottom 4cm retains its shape. So it’s not a huge dildo, but it is ample of material to work with. It comes with a cute thermos, a length of string and some instructions. There are more instructions on the Dodil website, including videos.

Dodil in hot water

Let’s start moulding!

I am not going to explain in depth how to mould the Dodil, you can read that at the link above. In short, you boil water, pour it in the thermos, put the dildo in and loosely place the thermos lid on it. You let it sit for up to 30 minutes and then you can start moulding.

Warmed up Dodil
I followed the instructions to the letter and 30 minutes later I had a floppy, very soft dildo on my kitchen table. I am not in any way shape or form a creative person, so I initially had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t try anything ambitious for my first attempt, knowing full well I had no hope in hell of making a great dildo. And I was right: my first attempt was atrocious.

First attempt at Dodil forming
Slightly misshapen dildo

What I found most difficult to moulding the Dodil was how to have it keep its shape. I guess I thought it would be more like clay and keep the shape you mould it into, but you either have to hold the dildo in shape with your hands while it cools or run cold water on it to cool it down quicker. I opted for the latter, but then it started cooling down too fast, so it ended up looking slightly wonky.

Wonky Dodil
Despite it looking wonky, I still wanted to try using it. What’s the point of having a dildo (albeit a wonky one) if you can’t find out if you like it internally? After all, it doesn’t have to look great if you’re going to use it. I can safely say that my strange looking dildo still felt very good inside. I had lengthened the shaft a bit so that the Dodil was less wide (which is good for me as I am quite tight) and there was a slight curve to it which helped stimulate my G spot. The soft silicone also felt very pleasurable moving in and out of me.

Dodil wrapped in string
Look how cute it looks!

I decided to have a second attempt and use the string this time. I am happy to say it worked MUCH better. Not only was the end result much better due to the fact that once I had bound the Dodil with the string, I could just leave it on the table to set by itself, it also was a lot of fun to bind the Dodil up. Bondage for dildos!

This dildo also felt great to use internally and hubby and I had a lot of fun with it. Due to the soft ridges it felt really good to have hubby thrust with it. Definitely a shape I would try again.

A few tips perhaps…

I would’t leave the Dodil in boiling water for the full 30 minutes unless you want to attempt a drastically different shape (like a curved dildo, for example). It just takes a lot of time to get it to cool off and you don’t need it to be all soft and floppy if you are only adding some ridges or shaping a bulbous head.

Moulding the dildo takes about an hour, in my experience, especially if you, like me, are not artistically inclined. It may take other, handier people only half an hour, but that is still a significant amount of time. Especially if you have children who don’t go to sleep until around 9:30 and you have to get up early in the morning. Which is why I shape the Dodil the night before I use it so I can focus on a therapeutic artistic session rather than rushing to get it done. I also like asking hubby to surprise me with a shape and let him do the moulding (it’s fun to see what he comes up with).

Cold water is your friend if you want to speed up the cooling off process.

Knobbly Dodil

What’s not to like?

As you can see, my second attempt at shaping the Dodil went a hell of a lot better. I like the thicker head with the slightly slimmer shaft. The smooth, soft ridges are perfect for my body, but I wish it had a bit more of a curve. No problem! I can heat it up again and mould my perfect shape. How can you not love that? We all know that women’s bodies are different and that we like different things at different times. Now, with the Dodil, you can shape it however you want it. Feel like a short dildo with lots of girth? Shape away? Want knobbly bits? Get out your string!

And there are more reasons to like the Dodil. The owners are pleasant and approachable. They answered all my questions quickly and are always improving the information on the website based on questions and suggestions from bloggers. The thermos is super cute and can act as a storage container if you mould the Dodil in the right shape (i.e. not too long). Because of the thermos, the Dodil does not have any wasteful packaging, so it’s environmentally friendly. And because you can mould the Dodil in any shape you want, you only have to get one dildo for (almost) all your dildo needs.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this cutie and start moulding!

You can get the Dodil from the Dodil website for EUR 79 with free worldwide shipping.

UPDATE: Dodil has made some changes to the Dodil based on reviewer feedback. You will now get an orange string (instead of a black one) with your Dodil and the nub at the back of the dildo is smaller (presumably you can store it better in the container now as I always found that the shaped Dodil was a tad too long for the lid of the container to fit closed). There are also better instructions online and the best change is that you can get the Dodil without the thermos for the great price of EUR 59.

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